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Digging through drawers

When I was young, I used to love to go through my grandparents drawers and closets looking for treasure.  The adults in my life would tell me to stop plundering. 

I love the word plunder.  Especially as applied to digging through junk drawers.  Oh, you don't have junk drawers?  I don't believe you, mostly because if you are telling the truth we probably won't be able to be friends.  People who don't have a single junk drawer in their house kind of frighten me.  I have quite a few junk drawers and I love them. 

Last night I was digging through my mom's desk drawer trying to find the password for my parents wireless, and I came across a greeting card I'd given my parents for Easter when I was in high school.  It was an Edward Monkton card.  I used to LOVE these cards.  And I'd totally forgotten about them.  I was so happy to be reintroduced to this quirky hilarious artist.  I felt like I'd found a treasure. 

I'm still watching the hurricanes compulsively, mostly because if my coastal friends have to evacuate for Hanna they can come to Augusta and we can have a big party.  And I'm tired of reading about people complaining about not being able to get back into New Orleans.  It sucks to have to evacuate.  It sucks to not know how your stuff it doing and whether your house is still standing.  And I'm sure there were lots of problems involved with the evacuation.  But last time I checked, New Orleans is in the United States, which is on the planet earth, a place full of uncontrollable destructive weather which is populated by humans who are not perfect.  Let's try to appreciate the work that was done to prevent another Katrina. 

Also, I love the google quote of the day – "An idealist is person who helps other people to prosper." – Henry Ford. 

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