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As Summer fades to Fall

This is the first week where the chilly mornings have outnumbered the warm nights.  I've started wearing shoes more often, and we've been building fires in the Backyard. Fireplace It hasn't gotten cold enough to keep Briscoe from diving into the pool, but she is definitely diving less frequently. 

The fair is in town, and everyone talks of funnel cakes and candy apples and our diminishing ability to spin in circles without feelings sick.  I guess we are getting old.  My knee ached something fierce when I went for a run on Sunday.  Once I warmed up it felt better, but that first half mile on the shady sidewalk hurt. 

I am distracted.  The SC bar results come back next week, on the same day as the GA bar results.  Either way, I can't wait.  I've started having bad dreams again, and letting little stressers become big stressers as a distraction from the actual stress of waiting for the results.  I can tell a slight reprimand or harsh word could cause me to irrationally fall apart.  This will probably last until the results come out, or at least until I can go on a long hard run and take some of the stress out on the pavement.   

Libby is coming home this weekend!  Yippee!  I'm excited.  Briscoe is going to be a Hotdog for Halloween.  Her costume is really cute.  I think she likes it.  Oh!  And the cupcake is in town!  That's right!  Mary Beth is in Augusta!  And I get to see her tonight!  I haven't seen her since June.  At least I think it was June.  It is frightening how fast time is flying by these days. 

Also, we have this lady who cleans our house once a month – she can do in two hours what it would take Britt and me two days to accomplish.  She came yesterday, and there is nothing better than a sparkling clean house. 

I think I'm going to bake a pound cake tonight.  How does that sound?

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