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I rushed home from work at 5 pm yesterday.  It was pretty, and I was just itching for a run.  Since it gets dark so early these days, I had to hurry so Kate wouldn't worry about me getting hit by a car.  My dad used to write our names and telephone numbers on our running shoes with a sharpie just in case. 

I couldn't decide whether or not to take Briscoe, she doesn't like to run very long, and I kind of felt like a long run.  But the sun was dangerously close to the trees and the sky would darken quickly when that happened, preventing my long run.  And when I put my running shoes on, she got kind of excited, which made me think she wanted to go.  So I dressed her in her pretty little harness that she doesn't much like, and I had to drag her away from the car (she wanted to ride!) and out into the street (We've spent a lot of time working on staying in the yard, she knows she isn't allowed into the street, so this is always a struggle). 

For the first mile and a half Briscoe is super pumped and wants to run FAST.  We hit a good hill at about that point, and the hill takes a lot of her enthusiasm away.  When we had been running for about two miles (we were right by Sky and Matthew and Brice and Jenny's house), she really started dragging.  Her lead is long, so on sidewalks I keep the loop around my elbow and hold onto the leash to make it shorter.  She pulls in the beginning, but by this point she was trotting along side at a good pace.  So I dropped my hand hold on the lead, and let her have a little slack.  

About ten yards later, she stopped abruptly to use the bathroom ( I guess she's had more water than I thought).  This would have been fine, if I had not been on a concrete driveway under an oak tree.  Leaves and acorns are a serious hazard, and these slippery suckers, along with my dog's great timing, took me down.   

I fell.  Hard.  Actually, I slipped.  I almost wished someone had seen me because it had to have been hilarious.  Like a cartoon.  I had leaves ALL OVER ME.  And Briscoe was just sitting there, like, WHAT?  I'm BUSY!

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It’s All About Your Altitude

Waynesboro was lots of fun.  All we did was eat the entire weekend.  The Briscoe Dog couldn't help but go swimming in the freezing cold stream (at least I didn't have to worry about gators and snakes since it was 22 degrees), and she had so much fun with her friend Amos.  She and Amos look so much alike it's hilarious.  We had a great fire, and it was so awesome to see sweet Catie and Betsy and Katherine and the old Terrace Crowd.  But y'all, it was COLD.  Real. Cold. 

I painted my nails last night.  Some girls get a boost from self tanner, I get a boost from red finger nail polish.  Britt likes red finger nails too. 

Speaking of Britt, she totally saved my life this morning.  Cause, my alarm clock didn't go off.  Luckily I bothered to mention to her that I had to be at Daniel Field at 6:45, or she wouldn't have even known I was suppose to be up by 6:30.  Seriously, this is a reason I don't need to live by myself.  That, and I need a lot of human interaction. 

The reason for my 6:45 appointment at Daniel Field was that Bill and I had a hearing in Savannah this morning, and we FLEW.  Or, Bill Flew us.  Bill was the pilot and I was the passenger.  It was fun.  We followed the Savannah River all the way down and back.  The hearing went well, even though I found the judge rather frightening.  I'm still adjusting to not being on the same side as the judge. 

 I looked at the weather and it was suppose to be warm in savannah, so I wore a skirt, with my cute heels I really like, and I'm sure I looked ridiculous climbing on the wing in and out of the plane.  I was glad I had the skirt on when I got there (it was a very pretty day), but then when I got back to Augusta, I seriously regretted the choice.  It was FREEZING and cloudy and dark and altogether not skirt weather.  I went home and changed.  But when I had on my cute suit, and my long  black coat I love, and my pretty shoes, and my red fingernails, I felt great about life.  No worries that my hair wasn't clean or that I put my makeup on in the airport bathroom.  Focusing on the small happy things of life takes a little of the sting out of the disappointments and difficulties of the Real World. 

I called my mom to tell her we were home, and she said, "What? How are you back already?  What time did you leave?" and I had to tell her we flew.  Kate said, "You didn't tell me you were flying!  I would have been worried sick!  I'm glad I didn't know!"  Which is why I failed to mention it when I talked to her last night. 

OH!  And Molly is engaged!  Yay MOLLY!  I'm so excited. 

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I was sworn into the South Carolina Bar yesterday.  In Georgia, you are sworn in by your local trial judge, normally by yourself.  In South Carolina, you are sworn in by the Supreme Court of South Carolina in a big ceremony with everyone else who just passed the bar.  They even call out every single person's name and you get to stand up when your name is called!

While the guy was reading out the A names, he came to a name that he either totally mispronounced or which he said exactly right.  Regardless, it was a very difficult name.  I immediately thought to myself, "Wow!  It sure would suck to have  such a difficult name and for them to mispronounce it!"

It wasn't until they got to at least J that it occurred to me that I had the sort of name that could, and probably would be mispronounced.  I'm real quick. 

I knew I would be one of the first P names, since not a lot comes before PAINE (Paige?).  I held my breath through the handful of O names, then the reader paused, took a second to think about my name, and pronounced it correctly.  It was awesome.  I was proud. 

In other news, we are going to Waynesboro this weekend!  Go to Betsy's blog to read about it and see pictures from last time.  Hah, or go to this old post of mine and watch some awesome youtube clips.  I'm really excited. 

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I've always liked Sundays.  In high school, sundays meant that I got to see all my church friends that didn't go to school with me.  In college, Sunday was a chance to see church friends, go to brunch and then it was just another great day of playing around and not doing school work (like monday-friday, and saturday). 

In law school I quickly learned to hate Sundays, as they signaled the beginning of another week of work I hated and required me to be in the library all Sunday afternoon, regardless of whether I was still recovering from Saturday night.  I still went to church and to brunch, but afterward it was misery. 

Since leaving law school, Sundays have become much brighter.  My parents go to the movies on Sunday afternoon, and I love going to the movie.  We just got back from seeing the Madagascar movie.  It was funny, and ridiculous, and extremely loud.  It was in one of the almost imax theaters, where it isn't the fullblow imax, but it's more 3-D than a regular movie and the screen is bigger.  And SO LOUD.  Before it started my dad said he heard these theaters had special sound systems.  Which means LOUD. 

I'm being sworn into the South Carolina Bar tomorrow.  Big times.  And I also finished my 403 requirements, which means I can be a real live South Carolina lawyer. 

If you'd told me ten years ago I would be a lawyer I would have laughed at you.  If you told half the people I went to law school with that I took and passed two different bar exams, they would also laugh at you.  Both laughs in disbelief. 

I think I'm going to go to church.  That normally makes me feel better about life. 

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Finally! Some Sunshine!

It's been cloudy since monday, and I missed the sun.  The time change depresses me, and I can't imagine how people who live up north where it gets dark so much earlier handle it. 

Have you ever noticed how some people SLOW DOWN at green lights?  This is something I will never understand.  GREEN MEANS GO.  This is very difficult for some people. 

I've really been trying to decorate my office, to put things like my diplomas, and pictures and paintings around.  The girls in the office hung a bunch of stuff for me and got me some plants that I think I might have let die already, and it is starting to look like a real office.  Travers came in the other day and goes, "Wow!  You have like a real office!  I don't know why I thought you would be in a corner or something, but you've even got diplomas on the wall!"  (that's right Bro, I'm big time.)  I think Travers has a hard time with the fact that he is an adult now, and an even harder time with the fact that his little sister is an adult as well.  Jennifer Blanchard sent me a birthday card with a Margaret Atwood quote – "I am surrounded by adults, whereas I am merely in disguise."  I love it. 

How happy are you that it is Thursday?  I love Thursdays. 

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I passed the Bar!

Yippee!  I'm so relieved.  I apologize for not updating sooner, I've been trying to relax. 

I went to bed early last night, hoping to steal the daylight savings hour.  I was looking forward to it being light outside when I woke up this morning, and feeling refreshed and awesome with my whole extra hour of sleep.  Alas, it was rainy and I was still sleepy when my alarm went off.

Doing research for a few hours  in a row really burns me out.  It makes me less productive for the rest of the day, and it makes me less tolerant of the world at larger.  I actually sort of enjoy doing research, but I'm learning that I'm much more efficient in my as a whole when researching is part of my day and not my entire day. 

Do you ever sit around your house at dinner time and think of how you can find enough food in the pantry or fridge to constitute dinner?  Sometimes I just really don't feel like leaving my house.  Is that the height of laziness?  I find easy mac, peanut butter, wheat thins and cheese to be helpful for this problem. 

I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.  This has been a brutal election season, and I'm about sick of it. 

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