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I was sworn into the South Carolina Bar yesterday.  In Georgia, you are sworn in by your local trial judge, normally by yourself.  In South Carolina, you are sworn in by the Supreme Court of South Carolina in a big ceremony with everyone else who just passed the bar.  They even call out every single person's name and you get to stand up when your name is called!

While the guy was reading out the A names, he came to a name that he either totally mispronounced or which he said exactly right.  Regardless, it was a very difficult name.  I immediately thought to myself, "Wow!  It sure would suck to have  such a difficult name and for them to mispronounce it!"

It wasn't until they got to at least J that it occurred to me that I had the sort of name that could, and probably would be mispronounced.  I'm real quick. 

I knew I would be one of the first P names, since not a lot comes before PAINE (Paige?).  I held my breath through the handful of O names, then the reader paused, took a second to think about my name, and pronounced it correctly.  It was awesome.  I was proud. 

In other news, we are going to Waynesboro this weekend!  Go to Betsy's blog to read about it and see pictures from last time.  Hah, or go to this old post of mine and watch some awesome youtube clips.  I'm really excited. 

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