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I've always liked Sundays.  In high school, sundays meant that I got to see all my church friends that didn't go to school with me.  In college, Sunday was a chance to see church friends, go to brunch and then it was just another great day of playing around and not doing school work (like monday-friday, and saturday). 

In law school I quickly learned to hate Sundays, as they signaled the beginning of another week of work I hated and required me to be in the library all Sunday afternoon, regardless of whether I was still recovering from Saturday night.  I still went to church and to brunch, but afterward it was misery. 

Since leaving law school, Sundays have become much brighter.  My parents go to the movies on Sunday afternoon, and I love going to the movie.  We just got back from seeing the Madagascar movie.  It was funny, and ridiculous, and extremely loud.  It was in one of the almost imax theaters, where it isn't the fullblow imax, but it's more 3-D than a regular movie and the screen is bigger.  And SO LOUD.  Before it started my dad said he heard these theaters had special sound systems.  Which means LOUD. 

I'm being sworn into the South Carolina Bar tomorrow.  Big times.  And I also finished my 403 requirements, which means I can be a real live South Carolina lawyer. 

If you'd told me ten years ago I would be a lawyer I would have laughed at you.  If you told half the people I went to law school with that I took and passed two different bar exams, they would also laugh at you.  Both laughs in disbelief. 

I think I'm going to go to church.  That normally makes me feel better about life. 

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