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I passed the Bar!

Yippee!  I'm so relieved.  I apologize for not updating sooner, I've been trying to relax. 

I went to bed early last night, hoping to steal the daylight savings hour.  I was looking forward to it being light outside when I woke up this morning, and feeling refreshed and awesome with my whole extra hour of sleep.  Alas, it was rainy and I was still sleepy when my alarm went off.

Doing research for a few hours  in a row really burns me out.  It makes me less productive for the rest of the day, and it makes me less tolerant of the world at larger.  I actually sort of enjoy doing research, but I'm learning that I'm much more efficient in my as a whole when researching is part of my day and not my entire day. 

Do you ever sit around your house at dinner time and think of how you can find enough food in the pantry or fridge to constitute dinner?  Sometimes I just really don't feel like leaving my house.  Is that the height of laziness?  I find easy mac, peanut butter, wheat thins and cheese to be helpful for this problem. 

I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.  This has been a brutal election season, and I'm about sick of it. 

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