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It’s All About Your Altitude

Waynesboro was lots of fun.  All we did was eat the entire weekend.  The Briscoe Dog couldn't help but go swimming in the freezing cold stream (at least I didn't have to worry about gators and snakes since it was 22 degrees), and she had so much fun with her friend Amos.  She and Amos look so much alike it's hilarious.  We had a great fire, and it was so awesome to see sweet Catie and Betsy and Katherine and the old Terrace Crowd.  But y'all, it was COLD.  Real. Cold. 

I painted my nails last night.  Some girls get a boost from self tanner, I get a boost from red finger nail polish.  Britt likes red finger nails too. 

Speaking of Britt, she totally saved my life this morning.  Cause, my alarm clock didn't go off.  Luckily I bothered to mention to her that I had to be at Daniel Field at 6:45, or she wouldn't have even known I was suppose to be up by 6:30.  Seriously, this is a reason I don't need to live by myself.  That, and I need a lot of human interaction. 

The reason for my 6:45 appointment at Daniel Field was that Bill and I had a hearing in Savannah this morning, and we FLEW.  Or, Bill Flew us.  Bill was the pilot and I was the passenger.  It was fun.  We followed the Savannah River all the way down and back.  The hearing went well, even though I found the judge rather frightening.  I'm still adjusting to not being on the same side as the judge. 

 I looked at the weather and it was suppose to be warm in savannah, so I wore a skirt, with my cute heels I really like, and I'm sure I looked ridiculous climbing on the wing in and out of the plane.  I was glad I had the skirt on when I got there (it was a very pretty day), but then when I got back to Augusta, I seriously regretted the choice.  It was FREEZING and cloudy and dark and altogether not skirt weather.  I went home and changed.  But when I had on my cute suit, and my long  black coat I love, and my pretty shoes, and my red fingernails, I felt great about life.  No worries that my hair wasn't clean or that I put my makeup on in the airport bathroom.  Focusing on the small happy things of life takes a little of the sting out of the disappointments and difficulties of the Real World. 

I called my mom to tell her we were home, and she said, "What? How are you back already?  What time did you leave?" and I had to tell her we flew.  Kate said, "You didn't tell me you were flying!  I would have been worried sick!  I'm glad I didn't know!"  Which is why I failed to mention it when I talked to her last night. 

OH!  And Molly is engaged!  Yay MOLLY!  I'm so excited. 

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