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Foggy Muddy Pawprints

Yesterday was something of a disaster.  My flight got in from New York late Sunday night, and I was exhausted when I woke up Monday morning.  In order to stay in bed for three more minutes I checked out the weather on my phone.  The weather channel said it was FOGGY, but only a 10% chance of rain.  I assumed this meant it was going to be foggy in the morning and clear up later, and it wasn’t going to rain. 

I was in a huge rush, and the dogs were being absolutely ridiculous in the backyard, so I threw them both a rawhide, put their water outside, and left them in the fog. 

Work was a little hectic, and I was busy, so I didn’t really think much about what was going on outside, other than to observe that it was still foggy.  Around 11:45 I checked the weather again, and it said – Light Rain.  And I got a little concerned. 

I looked out the window, and realized that although the rain was very light, it had been falling for a long time.  Which meant the dogs had been playing in the rain for hours.  Um.  I’m an idiot. 

I rushed home, to find two very wet, very muddy, VERY happy puppies.  Briscoe was a dark brown color and the white parts of Grayson were no longer visible.  And they were SOAKING.  I changed out of my work clothes, dragged them both through the house to my bathroom as quickly as possible, and gave them both a bath.  They both have winter haircuts, which basically means they have four to five times more hair now than they do in the summer.  It is amazing how much water their coats can hold.  And every bit of it was sopping with dirt.  It was a river of mud in the bathtub, and they were both ticked that I cut short their fun play time to give them the dreaded bath. 

After the baths, I had to wash the seventeen towels that were necessary in this task, and scrub muddy puppy paw prints off the floor of the kitchen and the rest of the house.  If you don’t wash dogs, you might not know this, but leaning over to wash two dogs does something painful to my hamstrings, and causes them to tremble, for hours.   I threw my work clothes back and rushed back to work.  Needless to say my hair left something to be desired on a professional standard yesterday afternoon. 

Since this was not the relaxing lunch I had been looking forward to, the rest of my afternoon was a blur.  I guess you could say a Foggy blur.  Cause, it’s still foggy, even today. 

But I did go to the trouble to go to the grocery so I could make soup last night.  Soup is awesome, cause you cook everything in the same pot and then put that pot in the fridge, and there is nothing to wash!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to sit on the couch last night with a glass of red wine  and two clean puppies, while my soup simmered and I watched all the television my DVR had saved for me.  It almost made me appreciate the almost disastrous day.  As I scratched Grayson’s ear, I realized he was still wet from his bath, but I let him stay on the couch anyway. 

Sigh.  And now it’s Tuesday.

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It snowed all day yesterday.  I can’t ever remember being in Augusta when it snowed for such a long time.  Sadly, all the snow was in vain, because it melted almost a quickly as it fell.  There were moments when it would start to stick, then the snow would let up or the temperature would rise.  I had a bunch of errands to run, and driving around in the snow was a lot of fun, especially because it wasn’t sticking.  The flakes were big enough to land in my hair and on my coat and stay there until I got into my car or into the courthouse.  It made me happy all day long. 

After work I went and drank champagne with Kate to celebrate the inauguration.  Kate likes to celebrate with champagne.  Someone got engaged?  We’ll drink champagne for them!  New job?  Champagne!  Birthday?  Champagne!  The moon is bright enough that you can see your shadow?  Champagne!  Pregnant?  You can watch us drink champagne!  So of course the inauguration was an EXCELLENT reason to drink champagne.  We sipped and chatted and the watched parade and the Obamas start to seize up from the cold. 

I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat when the parade finally ended and the Obamas were able to enter the White House as Mr. and Mrs. America for the first time.  When I came back into the den :

Kate:  “You missed it!  They just got home to the White House!  It was so sweet, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold and kissed her!”  

Me:   “SHUT UP!  Back it up, I want to see that.”

Kate:  “Ha.  I’m kidding, that didn’t happen.”

Don’t believe everything your mother tells you.  Sometimes she’s just straight up lying for the shock effect. 

More than anything we wanted to see the part where Michelle took off those heels she’s had on all day long and jumped on the beds.  Cause that is the first thing I would have done.  At that point it would have been a small jump, to conserve energy.  But a jump nonetheless.

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Can I tell you how many things I’ve spilled on myself today?  No really, I won’t, because it seriously damages my credibility as an adult.  Needless to say, I need a good dry cleaner.  Britt, do you know of any good dry cleaners near our house?

A few months ago I spilled coffee all over myself one morning, to the point where I went home and changed.  It was still early, and the only people I’d spoken with so far were Jim and Bill.  I figured, hey, boys don’t notice clothes, it’s no big deal.  The first thing Bill says when I see him later that morning – “Is that what you were wearing this morning? ” Curses. 

Briscoe has been upset with me this week.  I haven’t had time to play with her, and she’s mad about it.  She wants to go to the dog park this weekend, and has been trying to emotionally blackmail me with complaints of neglect.  What she really needs is a hair cut. 

Last night when I got home, she hauled around the house like an unhinged soul.  She kept hiding behind furniture and growling (which is her way of saying she really wants to play hid and seek – it’s a funny little growl, not like a mean growl).  So I hid behind the couch for a while and she freaked out, then I went into my room to change out of my work clothes.  When I came back out into the den about five minutes later, she was still in the game position on the other side of the room, with her butt up in the air and her head and chest on the floor.  As soon as she saw me she started growling again, signaling she wasn’t finished playing the game.  So we played some more, and she howled and ran into the wall.  So I picked her up and made her snuggle on the couch with me.  In thirty seconds she was sound asleep and purring (she has a purr like a cat – her breathing comes out in a vibrating rhythm when she is asleep, it’s hilarious). 

It’s suppose to be extremely cold this weekend.  I’m just excited that tomorrow is Friday.  We had two hearings today (three actually, but I only worked on two), and I have to say that it was a pretty interesting day.  I might have even learned something. 

Now that those hearings are over and my office has warmed up I’m getting very sleepy. 

I want to remind you all that exfoliating is an often neglected joy in life.  It’s very important in the bitter days of winter. 

Y’all know how I hate birds?  This is a good example of why – http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/15/plane-crashes-into-hudson-river/?hp

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More things I’ve learned

I’ve got a terrible cold, the kind of cold that makes your brain feel cloudy and fuzzy.  I’m not sick enough to justify being in bed all day, and if I had stuff to do today, I’m sure I could dope up on some medicine and survive.  that being said, it’s the kind of cold that takes it out of you, where you feel okay sitting down, but where you are winded and exhausted by the simplist task.  But since I don’t have anything especially pressing to do today, I’m watching movies and trying to get some rest.  This is helped by the fact that it is rainy and yucky outside.  Briscoe is supporting my decision by dozing quiet happily on the couch.  I really don’ twant to be sick next week, I have stuff to do, and I’d REALLY like to start the year off in a productive and organized manner.  As you know, I’m pretty delusional. 

Right now I’m watching Jurassic Park.  I forgot what a good movie this is.  It’s really scary.  Like, so scary.  I can’t believe this movie is 15 years old. 

Oh yeah, so things I learned in 2008. 

I learned that all those years, when I would stay up too late, or spend too long in a smokey bar, and I would say – Gosh, my contacts are killing me!  They get really dry when I stay up too late, or the smoke really bothers my contacts.  I learned after I had my eyes lasered and stopped wearing contacts, that my CONTACTS weren’t the problem, but that staying up too late and being in a smokey bar for too long simply bothered my eyes.  My eyes were the probem, and not the poor little contacts I had blamed all those years. 

I learned that unless it is freezing outside, if it is raining and I have on socks in my house, and I need to go outside, it makes more sense to me to take my socks off than to put my shoes on before I go outside.  I’ve also learned that my mom doesn’t like it when I wander around outside without shoes on because she worries I’m going to put my dirty feet into my nice shoes and ruin them.  I’m such an adult. 

I learned that I might actually turn out to be an okay attorney one day, if I can focus and take advantage of all the opportunities to learn that I have right now.  This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, and it’s nice to feel like I’m making headway. 

I learned that my past experiences have more of an impact on me than I normally acknowledge, and sometimes my insecurities catch me off guard.  I’m still trying to decide whether there is anything you can do to not be so caught off by insecurities, and I’m not sure what I think either way. 

I learned that Briscoe is the greatest dog, and that having a dog, or a pet in general, is an extremely stabilizing, happy part of my life. 

I learned I like diet coke better than regular coke, and I prefer diet coke out an alumnium can. 

Ha, when I actually think about some of the random things I’ve learned, some of the things that have nothing to do with life in general, but have to do with particular situations and times of 2008, it makes me laugh.  But I’m not sure they are things that I can tell you all about.  Maybe I can think of a few of them that are internet safe, such as –

When you think you have mono, you play through your last month in a different way than when you think you have the flu. 

When you think you have food poisoning, you play through your past week in a different way than when you think you have the flu. 

When you think you have the flu, you don’t think about much of anything at all. 

The liquor drinks in the hospitality suites are a LOT stronger than the liquor drinks at the clubhouse. 

When a guy likes you, he calls you when he gets off an airplane. 

When you pick up your clothes from the dry cleaner, it is a good idea to not leave them in your car over night, just in case your car gets stolen.  Because, replacing your favorite clothes can be very difficult. 

I’m never going to take another bar exam if I can help it.  It makes me act crazy for months at a time. 

It’s often difficult to not get carried away in the fun, exciting parts of relationships in a way that neglects reality.  This can be dangerous and not in anyone’s best interest. 

Holidays are much more enjoyable when you don’t drink too much wine the night before.  Relatives are easier to deal with when you don’t hate life. 

Football can be disappointing, but it is still a good distraction and an entertaining past time. 

Expectations and anticipation are both very powerful things.

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