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It snowed all day yesterday.  I can’t ever remember being in Augusta when it snowed for such a long time.  Sadly, all the snow was in vain, because it melted almost a quickly as it fell.  There were moments when it would start to stick, then the snow would let up or the temperature would rise.  I had a bunch of errands to run, and driving around in the snow was a lot of fun, especially because it wasn’t sticking.  The flakes were big enough to land in my hair and on my coat and stay there until I got into my car or into the courthouse.  It made me happy all day long. 

After work I went and drank champagne with Kate to celebrate the inauguration.  Kate likes to celebrate with champagne.  Someone got engaged?  We’ll drink champagne for them!  New job?  Champagne!  Birthday?  Champagne!  The moon is bright enough that you can see your shadow?  Champagne!  Pregnant?  You can watch us drink champagne!  So of course the inauguration was an EXCELLENT reason to drink champagne.  We sipped and chatted and the watched parade and the Obamas start to seize up from the cold. 

I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat when the parade finally ended and the Obamas were able to enter the White House as Mr. and Mrs. America for the first time.  When I came back into the den :

Kate:  “You missed it!  They just got home to the White House!  It was so sweet, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold and kissed her!”  

Me:   “SHUT UP!  Back it up, I want to see that.”

Kate:  “Ha.  I’m kidding, that didn’t happen.”

Don’t believe everything your mother tells you.  Sometimes she’s just straight up lying for the shock effect. 

More than anything we wanted to see the part where Michelle took off those heels she’s had on all day long and jumped on the beds.  Cause that is the first thing I would have done.  At that point it would have been a small jump, to conserve energy.  But a jump nonetheless.

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