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More things I’ve learned

I’ve got a terrible cold, the kind of cold that makes your brain feel cloudy and fuzzy.  I’m not sick enough to justify being in bed all day, and if I had stuff to do today, I’m sure I could dope up on some medicine and survive.  that being said, it’s the kind of cold that takes it out of you, where you feel okay sitting down, but where you are winded and exhausted by the simplist task.  But since I don’t have anything especially pressing to do today, I’m watching movies and trying to get some rest.  This is helped by the fact that it is rainy and yucky outside.  Briscoe is supporting my decision by dozing quiet happily on the couch.  I really don’ twant to be sick next week, I have stuff to do, and I’d REALLY like to start the year off in a productive and organized manner.  As you know, I’m pretty delusional. 

Right now I’m watching Jurassic Park.  I forgot what a good movie this is.  It’s really scary.  Like, so scary.  I can’t believe this movie is 15 years old. 

Oh yeah, so things I learned in 2008. 

I learned that all those years, when I would stay up too late, or spend too long in a smokey bar, and I would say – Gosh, my contacts are killing me!  They get really dry when I stay up too late, or the smoke really bothers my contacts.  I learned after I had my eyes lasered and stopped wearing contacts, that my CONTACTS weren’t the problem, but that staying up too late and being in a smokey bar for too long simply bothered my eyes.  My eyes were the probem, and not the poor little contacts I had blamed all those years. 

I learned that unless it is freezing outside, if it is raining and I have on socks in my house, and I need to go outside, it makes more sense to me to take my socks off than to put my shoes on before I go outside.  I’ve also learned that my mom doesn’t like it when I wander around outside without shoes on because she worries I’m going to put my dirty feet into my nice shoes and ruin them.  I’m such an adult. 

I learned that I might actually turn out to be an okay attorney one day, if I can focus and take advantage of all the opportunities to learn that I have right now.  This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, and it’s nice to feel like I’m making headway. 

I learned that my past experiences have more of an impact on me than I normally acknowledge, and sometimes my insecurities catch me off guard.  I’m still trying to decide whether there is anything you can do to not be so caught off by insecurities, and I’m not sure what I think either way. 

I learned that Briscoe is the greatest dog, and that having a dog, or a pet in general, is an extremely stabilizing, happy part of my life. 

I learned I like diet coke better than regular coke, and I prefer diet coke out an alumnium can. 

Ha, when I actually think about some of the random things I’ve learned, some of the things that have nothing to do with life in general, but have to do with particular situations and times of 2008, it makes me laugh.  But I’m not sure they are things that I can tell you all about.  Maybe I can think of a few of them that are internet safe, such as –

When you think you have mono, you play through your last month in a different way than when you think you have the flu. 

When you think you have food poisoning, you play through your past week in a different way than when you think you have the flu. 

When you think you have the flu, you don’t think about much of anything at all. 

The liquor drinks in the hospitality suites are a LOT stronger than the liquor drinks at the clubhouse. 

When a guy likes you, he calls you when he gets off an airplane. 

When you pick up your clothes from the dry cleaner, it is a good idea to not leave them in your car over night, just in case your car gets stolen.  Because, replacing your favorite clothes can be very difficult. 

I’m never going to take another bar exam if I can help it.  It makes me act crazy for months at a time. 

It’s often difficult to not get carried away in the fun, exciting parts of relationships in a way that neglects reality.  This can be dangerous and not in anyone’s best interest. 

Holidays are much more enjoyable when you don’t drink too much wine the night before.  Relatives are easier to deal with when you don’t hate life. 

Football can be disappointing, but it is still a good distraction and an entertaining past time. 

Expectations and anticipation are both very powerful things.

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