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This past weekend was tons of fun.  I didn’t actually come home until this morning, which is always a much better idea in theory than in practice.  I’m exhausted.  I woke up every two hours last night because I was afraid of oversleeping.  Or it might have been the fact that the sweet tea vodka was wearing off, I’m not sure. 

The weather threatened to rain on our parade, and although we could see the rain off in the distance at many times over the weekend, we only got rained on once.  And we were prepared for it. 

I got to see so many awesome people, and it was wonderful to have a weekend where the only requirement was that all activities must take place outside, weather permitting (except when we had to do a little shopping for outdoor gear like bathing suits!). 

What with the sun bossing around all those rain clouds and making them act right, and the fact that we saved the bocce balls from certain death in the tidal pools (cold beer can make you irresponsible), and all the dolphins that wanted to hang out at our boat, it was close to being a perfect Memorial Day Weekend.  The beer was cold, the music was loud, and Jennifer cooks a mean hot dog.  And only the bottom half of my back is sunburned.  The air temperature was in the upper 70s, the water temperature was in the lower 70s (both of which are a little colder than I prefer, especially for this late in the year, but it was tolerable). 

My only regret is that I didn’t get to sing any patriotic songs.  Sad.  I guess I’ll just have to practice up for the 4th of July. 

OHHH!  And BETSY and BRAD had a BABY!  So happy!  James Brooks Bagwell.  They are going to call him Brooks.  Bety, Brad and Brooks Bagwell.  Poor little Amos.  He missed out on the alliteration.  Maybe Briscoe and Amos can get married and Briscoe will be Briscoe Bagwell.  Ha.  I don’t know why I think that is so funny.  Oh, and for the record, Betsy’s due date is actually tomorrow – but we all made guesses on when the baby would be born, and I guessed the right day.  I was off by like three hours, but still.  I was REAL CLOSE.  Betsy and I just have such a magical connection – the date came to me in a dream.  I can’t wait to meet him!

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Bill spent all last week telling me that eating starburst jelly beans was going to kill me. 

I almost choked on one just a second ago.  I think if it hasn’t already been partially dissolved I might have been in real trouble. 

Do you think that is what he meant?

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Y’all would not believe the weather around here (unless of course you live here and have been experiencing it with me).  It has been COLD this week.  COLD!  In MAY!   The May I was in Grand Lake it snowed half a foot on May 23, and I literally thought I was going to die.  I love snow, it’s really neat.  But I was living in a shack/cabin in the middle of the woods at 9,000 feet, and my hot water didn’t work.  The fact that it was snowing outside made this experience a little more “complete”, but not a lot more enjoyable.  My alarm clock had a thermometer on it, and I would wake up in the morning to a frozen nose, look at the little digital face and read – 39 degrees, realize I had to get out from underneath the covers and take a cold shower, and sort of want to cry.  But the view was sort of worth it.  Eventually they fixed my hot water and the snow melted and the temperature rose above 50 degrees in the daylight hours.  But not before I got lost on a ten mile hike in the snow in the dark with people I barely knew.  Ahh, memories.  I was so trusting back then.  Wanna go on a hike in the woods in the gathering dark with us?  Sure it’s starting to snow, but, it will be fine!  Don’t be a wuss Georgia. 

But anyway, May is suppose to mean HOT.  And I can’t talk about being in Colorado all summer because having a real job makes that sort of thing a lot more difficult. 

I was so productive on Sunday, got my life together for the week, laundry, grocery, cooked some food, cleaned my house, went to the movies.  Natalie and Bucket moved in!  Hooray!

Then Monday night I discovered that the large bottle of Palmolive under my sink had been turned over and spilled.  I pulled everything from under the sink and cleaned it all up.  Soap is surprisingly difficult to clean up.  Well, I didn’t get all the soap out from under my finger nails, and I put my finger in my eye, and I got soap ALL IN MY EYE.  AGGGHHHH.  It freaking hurt like the devil.  I flushed my eye with water for what seemed like forever.  Still didn’t get it all.  I HATE flushing my eye out with water.  It hurt almost as much as the soap.  I’m a MORON.  A moron.  Just when I was starting to feel like I had my life together. 

Last night Travers stole some wood from Kate and Trav and we had a little fire in my little fire pit in the back yard.  It was nice, although the wind was gusting (I love the word GUST) and every once in a while you would feel like the fire just might get you.  When Briscoe and I were about to go to sleep last night I kissed her on the nose and realized that all her fur smelled like smoke.  So hilarious.  Bucket’s fur also smelled like smoke.  I’m going to start calling them Smokey and the Bandit.  Their current alter egos are Biscuit and Bobby, to which they are starting to respond. 

I had a magistrate court trial yesterday, and although I think I got my point across well, I laid in bed last night and thought of all the small procedural mistakes I made.  The defendant was pro se, and I almost felt like how when you play a sport against someone who sucks – like tennis – you play like crap, but if you play against someone better than you – you play up to their level.  I feel like I played down to this guy’s level.  Hopefully I’m learning. 

I was driving my car at lunch and I was for some reason dumb struck by how cool driving a car is.  You’ve got this wheel, and you can spin it around, and when you spin it around, the ENTIRE SUPER HEAVY car moves.  At the flick of your wrist.  How cool is that?  It’s amazing how I drive a car every day and never think about how awesome driving can be. 

I made Kate (the runner) cupcakes last night because it is her birthday.  And I BURNED them.  I’m so embarrassed and horrified.  I really never burn things.  Ever.  Not baked goods at least.  I guess I haven’t ever baked in my new gas oven before.  It was really hard.  I’m concerned.  Not only did they burn, it was just the bottom of them.  Ugh.  I’m going to have to practice practice practice and get better before Christmas rolls around.  Britt’s mom has promised to teach me how to make cinnamon buns this Christmas, btw.    

It has been such a pretty day.  I hope it doesn’t cloud up before I can go home!  I want to go play outside.

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Hair today

Cristina mailed me my bridesmaid dress the other day.  I had her send it to my office because my dress for Maggie’s wedding got lost in the mail through forwarding problems from my old address.  I was showing the dress to Sarah and Kate, and their response was –

Kate:  “OOHHH, Pretty!  Why are you in so many weddings?”

Me:  “I do hair real good.”

Sarah:  “Funny, no one would think that to look at you on a day to day basis.”

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I love summer.  Now, instead of having Kate (the runner, not my mom) bring us starbucks treats in the afternoon, she brings us Sonic slushies!   I like grape slushies.   I don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon and I drink a lot of coffee in the morning so a slushy is infinitely better than starbucks.  Plus it’s happy hour at sonic so it’s basically free. 

I love the way a charcoal grill smells.  Love. 

I don’t like the way bug spray smells when you aren’t outside anymore.  Speaking of, sometimes I feel like that kid at camp who is super high maintenance.  I can’t go into the sun without sunscreen or I burn like an infant in Cancun, I can’t go outside these days without being DESTROYED by mosquitos unless I put on bug spray (btw, I like this kind – the dry spray for when I’m at home and the little toilettes to keep in my pocketbook for weddings and other outdoor events). 

Briscoe went to the vet today to have her shots updated so she can get her hair cut tomorrow.  She’s really hot, but the dog salon requires kennel cough.  I’m excited about taking my big fuzzy bear animal in the morning and getting back a shorn lamb tomorrow afternoon! 

Maggie is getting married the weekend!  It is going to be lots of fun.  Now I just have to make it through another day of work and try really hard to pay attention.  Focus.

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