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This past weekend was tons of fun.  I didn’t actually come home until this morning, which is always a much better idea in theory than in practice.  I’m exhausted.  I woke up every two hours last night because I was afraid of oversleeping.  Or it might have been the fact that the sweet tea vodka was wearing off, I’m not sure. 

The weather threatened to rain on our parade, and although we could see the rain off in the distance at many times over the weekend, we only got rained on once.  And we were prepared for it. 

I got to see so many awesome people, and it was wonderful to have a weekend where the only requirement was that all activities must take place outside, weather permitting (except when we had to do a little shopping for outdoor gear like bathing suits!). 

What with the sun bossing around all those rain clouds and making them act right, and the fact that we saved the bocce balls from certain death in the tidal pools (cold beer can make you irresponsible), and all the dolphins that wanted to hang out at our boat, it was close to being a perfect Memorial Day Weekend.  The beer was cold, the music was loud, and Jennifer cooks a mean hot dog.  And only the bottom half of my back is sunburned.  The air temperature was in the upper 70s, the water temperature was in the lower 70s (both of which are a little colder than I prefer, especially for this late in the year, but it was tolerable). 

My only regret is that I didn’t get to sing any patriotic songs.  Sad.  I guess I’ll just have to practice up for the 4th of July. 

OHHH!  And BETSY and BRAD had a BABY!  So happy!  James Brooks Bagwell.  They are going to call him Brooks.  Bety, Brad and Brooks Bagwell.  Poor little Amos.  He missed out on the alliteration.  Maybe Briscoe and Amos can get married and Briscoe will be Briscoe Bagwell.  Ha.  I don’t know why I think that is so funny.  Oh, and for the record, Betsy’s due date is actually tomorrow – but we all made guesses on when the baby would be born, and I guessed the right day.  I was off by like three hours, but still.  I was REAL CLOSE.  Betsy and I just have such a magical connection – the date came to me in a dream.  I can’t wait to meet him!

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Bill spent all last week telling me that eating starburst jelly beans was going to kill me. 

I almost choked on one just a second ago.  I think if it hasn’t already been partially dissolved I might have been in real trouble. 

Do you think that is what he meant?

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