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Happy Christmas!  I know it’s not Christmas yet (thank the infant baby Jesus, because I am not ready), and I still have a good bit of work left this week at real work and at home.  But this morning felt like Christmas.  It’s  a beautiful day here in the AGS, sunny, cold, crisp, but with a strong amount of humidity (75%). 

I don’t like Christmas music when the radio station starts playing it nonstop at Thanksgiving, and it sort of puts me out of sorts for Christmas music in general.  But I love the Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album and I love the John Denver Muppets Christmas too.  I really love Muppets.  Do you remember Emmitt Otter’s Jug Band Christmas?  I cry when I think about putting a hole in the washtub. 

I have on my swishy red felt skirt, that kicks when I walk, which makes me wish I was on a runway.

Speaking of runways, my parents are having my bathroom in their house redone.  After 27 years, the heart covered wall paper will be a thing of the past.  Sigh.  One wall (small wall, small bathroom) of the bathroom is floor to ceiling cabinets.  You might could call it a closet, but that would be a real stretch.  Well, there was stuff up in the top of those cabinets that hadn’t seen the light of day in ten years.  Kate pulled it all out.  It is kind of scary.  Hello, Attic Sale. 

Kate wanted me to go through the piles.  The first thing I found was my Richard Carouso Molecular Hair Setter.  Remember?  With the steam and the foam rollers? 

Sunday, before the Nalley’s Christmas party, I got the bright idea that I would curl my hair with my hairsetter.  I haven’t curled my hair in probably ten years, and I guess I sort of forgot how much my hair likes to curl.  Like, wow.  I looked like I had just walked off stage at a beauty pageant in South Georgia.  And not in a good way.  I tried to brush it out, but it just got bigger.  Finally I had to pin it up on my head in order to hid the aggressive ringlets that would not be brushed away.   

That was two days ago and my hair is still curly, but finally in an appropriate manner.  I wonder when curls like that were ever acceptable in every day life.

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