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Daylight is Saving me

I think the best part of living in the South East is that you can believe, in mid January, that Spring is here.  After weeks and weeks of unbearable cold (I know that other parts of the country were much colder, but we don’t know how to deal with it down here), today is absolutely beautiful.  The sun is shining and the temperature is in the high 60s.  It will get colder tonight, but right now, I can hear the grass growing. 

And the sun doesn’t set until 5:47 tonight.  Sigh.  I love it when the days get longer.  Autumn is an amazing time of year, but Spring holds such an ensured promise of warmth, that it is impossible to not feel lighter as the days get longer.

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Aggh, I love this movie.  And this dog.  Maggie posted this video and I had to share. 

I’m in a great mood this morning.  I feel like today is one of those days where anything could happen.  I’ve got work to do, and birthday cards to send, and hot coffee to drink.  And it’s not QUITE as cold as it has been.  Now if only my car would drive to the mechanic and get her oil changed without me.

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I keep saying Two Thousand and Ten.  Which, is apparently WRONG.  I also keep writing 200, only to catch myself and go back and insert a 1 before the last 0.  I’m still thinking about lists I want to make of things that happened in the last decade. 

Do you think there is something wrong with me that I’d rather make lists of things that have already happen than to make lists of things I think should happen?  Like resolutions?  I’ve never been much for resolutions, but I do think the new year is cause for introspection.

Right now, my goal for the future is to make it through this horrible, horrible cold spell.  I’ve never been so cold for so long in all my life.  My heart is slowly turning to ice and stone.  I’m sick of it.  My ferns are dying (or dead, depending on who you talk to), my knuckles are dry and chapped, and I’m all out of warm socks.  I live in Georgia for a damn good reason, and it’s not to have the temperatures hang out in the 20s for weeks at a time.  Briscoe says she is sick of it too.  She wants to go swimming and get her hair cut.

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Happy 2010!

I want to write a long New Year post, and talk about the events of the past decade, and the past year and what I’ve learned and how I’m different and how I’m the same.  But I just haven’t done it, and I’m not going to do it right now either.  I did get all my Christmas decorations put up, and I even found a novel place to put them all, which was exciting. 

Remember last summer when I decided I was going to play tennis and relearn this sport of my childhood?  Well, this past weekend I decided that I was going to relearn how to swim, another sport of my childhood.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to not drown, what time I should swim, and how I can get comfortable being at the pool and how to get from the pool home – change clothes, not change clothes, etc. 

Which is difficult right this second because it’s cold as…as…wait, how come all the terms I want to use to describe cold are actually hot?  Like cold as hell, etc.  Hmm.  Whatev, it’s extremely cold outside. 

Catherine gave me a new Frosty card last night.  My old one expired, and she works for MCG, so she knew it had expired and that I really liked them so she gave me one.  You should go buy your own Frosty card before they sell out.  They are only $1 and they benefit the Children’s Medical Center!

Something about swimming makes me also want to do hot yoga.  I wish there was a good hot yoga place around here. 

I had a dream last night that I was skiing, but I had a hard time getting to the lift platform.  Then I had another dream that it was summer time and it was so hot I was able to wear my favorite patagonia tank dresses late into the night without ever even having a chill.  The second dream was much better than the first.

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