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Y’all, I am so sore.  Sore like wow.  This is the seventh day in a row I’ve been sore.  And I haven’t been working out at all.  Which is probably why I’m so sore.  If I worked out more on a regular basis, I probably wouldn’t be so freaking sore. 

Last week I met Libby and Bryan in Steamboat to visit Zack and to ski.  Andrea came up from Denver for the weekend, and we had a grand old time.  Friday night, Lulu cooked dinner for us, and Andrea brought a case of wine, and a shot ski, we had a dance party, and it snowed like crazy, we went to see Miss the Boat, and  stayed up entirely too late.  It was an extremely fun night.  I would show you the pictures, but then I’d have to kill you.  It was so fun, it almost killed the rest of us on Saturday.  Luckily the snow was dumping and the visibility on the mountain was really poor, and it was the best day for us to ski a half day.  We had fun, but the next two days were much better ski days in general.  But even skiing a half day left me sore on Sunday.  After skiing we went to Slopeside where we destroyed the best nachos in America and drank sunshine beer.  It was marvelous. 

Saturday night we went to the Johnny Cash cover band, which was really interesting.  The guy sounded just like Johnny Cash, and he told these bizarre stories like he really was Johnny Cash.  I’d never realized just HOW MUCH all of Johnny Cash’s songs seem to run together, but three hours of the Johnny Cash cover band made that very clear to me.  We had a great group of people, and we ran into Jarrett, who took us to Mazzola’s for late night meatball sliders.  They were DELICIOUS!  So good. 

Sunday was an awesome day of skiing, we got in a few more hours with Andrea before she had to drive back to Denver.  Sunday night we watched the hockey game, when USA beat Canada – and Zack and Rich tried to teach me all the rules of Hockey, of which I was previously sadly ignorant.  Libby knows a lot more about hockey than I do.   

Monday we got up early and hit the slopes.  Rich was nice enough to be my personal ski instructor, and helped scrap me off the side of the mountain when I face planted into the snow going 90 miles an hour.  Which might have added to why I feel like I’ve been beat up.  I actually busted bad enough that ski lift ticket was ripped off.  Haha.  I’ve never had that happened before.  Rich was convinced that I’d destroyed my knee in the fall, but I survived. 

After skiing we went to the hot springs (steamboat springs!) and soaked our muscles and played in the fog while our wet hair froze to our heads.  We laughed at the lifeguard wearing boots and a parka and wondered how long it would take him to strip off all his outer layers and shoes to save someone if they were drowning. 

Tuesday was a long day of travel back to the east coast, with a layover in Minneapolis, a screaming child on all flights and a disastrous marta experience.   I was sore from skiing until probably Thursday. 

Friday afternoon was set up day for the Junior League Attic Sale.  I moved a lot of plywood and I have to say my shoulders and back can feel it today.  This morning we were at the fairgrounds early for Move In Day – and after hours and hours of moving boxes and furniture and toys and trash – we are all moved into the fair grounds!  Now comes the fun part of making the fair grounds look pretty for Sale Day, which is next Saturday.  I’m the facilities coordinator, which means I’m in charge of the trash and the beer and the golf carts and the security guards.  It is really fun. 

Oh, and now I’m so sore.  I think I’m coming down with a terrible cold, although I can’t tell if I’m sore from all the unorthodox weight lifting and cardio I’ve been performing or if maybe I’m coming down with the flu. 

But instead of sitting on the couch and worrying about it, I’m going over to Matt and Jenna’s to cook out and sit by the fire.  Sitting by the fire is going to soothe my weary bones.  Right? 

Oh yeah, Briscoe says hi.  She wants to know who wants to come over and brush out the tangles in her hair because her owner is neglectful and if she had a phone she would call the humane society.  But her evil owner won’t let her have a cell phone because she doesn’t have any thumbs.

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I had a great long post and my stupid computer deleted it.  Ugh.  It was so interesting too, all about Jack London and Briscoe.

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