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I had a great long post and my stupid computer deleted it.  Ugh.  It was so interesting too, all about Jack London and Briscoe.

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One more thing –

I’ve been trying to learn how to Twitter.  I added the Twitter widget to my blog, so if you scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar you’ll see where I’ve been updating.  I don’t think I’ve gotten to the point yet where I’m funny, but I’m working on it.  I want to be funny without being negative and just bitching about how I hate bad drivers and how it drives me crazy that the television gets louder during the commercials and how I feel like the universe is about the end when the drive thru line at chik fil a doesn’t move (you expect the popeyes and bojangle drive thru to be slow, but chik-fil-a is suppose to always be moving). 

I’ll let you know when I become funny without being negative and bitchy.  Until then, feel free to ignore.

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 me:   did you read my blog today?

Jennifer:  yeah, and i didn't talk to shel silverstein on the phone
  you must have imagined that

 me: you said you did!
  you said he called

 Jennifer: i really don't think i said that
  i dont remember ever talking to him
i mean, i talked to some other people
  but i don't remember him being a client of carol's

(a quick search for Shel Silverstein in gmail reveals the following)


1 message

Jennifer Brown <jenniferbrown@gmail.com> Mon, Jun 5, 2006 at 3:51 PM

To: Charlsie Paine <charlsiekate@gmail.com>

I just talked on the phone to Shel Silverstein!

Jennifer Brown
cell 706.555.1569


me: BAM
  I love gmail

Jennifer: omg. didn't even remember that

   me: seriously
  I love him
  I remember

Jennifer:   crazy
  i can't believe i don't remember that
  i wonder what else I don't remember !

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Cell Phones

I got a new cell phone about a month ago.  I like it.  I don’t LOVE IT.  But, I don’t HATE IT like I did my old phone. 

What kind of relationship do you have with your cell phone?  When I got my new phone my dad wanted to know why I didn’t get a blackberry.  I told him I didn’t need a blackberry.  I’m a compulsive person, and I get fixated on things, like my email, or my cell phone, or my laptop.  And I kind of think a blackberry would have been bad for me. 

There was a point during the fall of my third year of law school when I was taking more than a full load of classes (which included a 4 hour clinic environmental class).  I had class all day long on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday, then Friday I had the clinic, and it was football season, and my weekends were full of house guests and parties and late nights at waffle house and/or easy mac.  I was living by myself, and my life happened on the weekends, with people who didn’t live in Athens, and my weekdays were long. 

After class during the week I would go for a run on the trails (with Cristina if I was lucky), pick up some sort of dinner (umm, hello earthfare!), take a shower, get into bed, and watch tv while playing on my laptop until I went to sleep.  Since I spent all day in class, then had my laptop open all night, essentially the only time I wasn’t on line was when I was working out.  Which seemed pretty normal.   But it made me dependent, made me uncomfortable to not have my laptop with me, turned on, and ready to go at all times.  It left me scanning restaurants for evidence of wireless and hoping for internet at friend’s vacation homes. 

In contrast, my first year out of law school, I lived by myself in a precious cottage that was just a little out of my price range and had an address of 1107 1/2, and when I moved in the cable company couldn’t process the 1/2 of my address without me going to the office, so I ended up without cable or internet.  Which was fine with me, I couldn’t really afford it, and my parents lived half a mile away with a tivo and a comfy couch perfect for Sunday afternoon lounging.  Plus, netflix was there for me. 
It was an adjustment to not always be on the computer, to not always have access to my email, but it was good for me. 

That was a bit of a tangent, what I really wanted to talk about was the cell phone. 

Obviously many people use their phones for work, and don’t have the luxury of turning it off ever, but that isn’t going to play into the rest of this post, so suspend reality for a little bit, k?

When you with all of the most important people in your life at one time, you don’t give a damn where your cell phone is.  Because, the people who would call that you would want to answer are all there.  This obviously doesn’t happen very often, especially if you live somewhere far away from your family or close friends. 

But when there is someone who is important to you, who is far away, your cell phone becomes much more important.  When something is happening in your life, or the life of someone close to you, who is physically far away, losing your cell phone seems tragic.  If you are waiting to hear from your sister who you expect to get engaged this weekend, keeping your cell phone close is a priority.  If your husband is on an airplane on the other side of the country, you are going to make sure you hear the phone when it rings.  I personally believe this to be the correct purpose for a cell phone. 

Being with the people you love is always preferable to talking to them on the phone, and the days where you could care less where your cell phone is, whether it is charged, or even if it is turned on are the best of all and should be enjoyed by losing track of your electronic devises for a little while.  Remember that you own your cell phone, blackberry or laptop, and that it doesn’t own you.

Because the times in between those perfect days will give you amply opportunity to get your money’s worth out of your phone.

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I’m learning

I’m trying to figure out how to put video clips on this sucker.  Pressing matters during exams, obviously.   I’m serious – I have a huge thing for the muppets.  They just aren’t the same with out ol’ Jim though.  For some reason it works on my computer but not on anyone elses.  Oh well – I’ll work on it later – I lack the patience right now. 

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So I don’t know if y’all are as loved by google as I am, but my gmail has been exploding with new features recently.

The best new feature is the news bar that is right above my inbox. It tells me news headlines. And I get to pick the news sources it pulls from. AND it will also let me add blogs to the news bar. But it only does headlines, so with the blogs it just gives me the titles of the posts. And there are little arrows that late you scroll through the random headlines that it has pulled up. Each time you refresh the page there are new headlines.

Today I noticed that I had (1) spam message. As I was deleting this message I noticed that the news bar on the spam page differs from the news bar on the inbox page. The spam page pulls headlines exclusively from a spam recipe page. SPAM RECIPES!!!
Here we go for those of you not as love as me but who really wish they were:
SPAM Imperial Tortilla Sandwiches
SPAM Fajitas
SPAM Vegetable Strudel
SPAM Swiss Pie
Spicy SPAM Kabobs

Is that weird?  I think it is hilarious.

I’ve been looking some more, and the trash folder has some great information as well, such as:

Empty tissue boxes can provide easy and handy storage for plastic grocery bags.
Rubber shoe soles can be recycled to make basketball courts and soccer fields.
Newspapers can be reused as wrapping paper for gifts.
There is no limit to the number of times an aluminum can can be recycled.
You can make a lovely hat out of previously-used aluminum foil. (a personal favorite)
Recycling a 3-foot-high stack of newspapers can save one whole tree.

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Megan cracks me up, I love watching people with their ipods.  Music collections are very personal, yes?

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Firefox v. IE

I like what Pete has to say about internet explore and firefox. I switched to foxfire a while back and I think it is great, my only problem with it is that it doesn’t let me copy and paste as easily as IE. That and the fact that I am lys-dexic and I want to call it foxfire. But this isn’t that big of a deal.

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Gmail the Stalker

I think Gmail has a crush on me. I woke up this morning with 50 gmail invitations. Anyone want one? It is the most fun email ever!

Update (3:32 pm) – So because I had so many invitations, I started sending them out to people in my address book.  But I only sent out like 6 because I got distracted.  So I had 44 left at around 2 this afternoon.  Well, now I have 50 again.  Is that weird?  Has this happened to anyone else?

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sad times…..

I had to reformat my hard drive today. I am sad, but I at least got to save most of my stuff. It is just such a hassle. Like when you get a new cell phone, even if you get a chance to save your phone numbers, you still have to enter them back in your phone. It caused me to miss all my classes, but I guess it will be okay. Maybe I will just put it behind my car and run over it. No, I think I am way too attached to do that. (sigh)(sniff).

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