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Happy Day!

About a month ago it was discovered that statue in memory of my sister, Alice, had been stolen from the grounds of the Old Medical College in Augusta.  Alice died from a genetic disorder four months before I was born.  She was five years old and had been sick for over three years.  My parent’s friends got together and raised money and commissioned a Georgia artist, Marshall Daugherty, to create a statue in her memory.  It was Daugherty’s last work, as he lost his eyesight shortly after he completed the piece.  He told my mother it was his “Ode to Joy”.  It was bronze, about three feet high, and sat on a rose marble pillar.  Until recently.  The loss of the statue was devastating for my parents, another reminder that nothing lasts forever and nothing is sacred.  Not even the memory of a child. 

But, my awesome to be sister in law, Natalie, was determined to find the statue.  She is a prosecutor and worked tirelessly with the Richmond County Sheriff’s office.  My parents offered a reward for any information leading to the recovery of the statue.  But we were starting to believe that the statue was lost, probably irreparably damaged, most likely melted down for scrap metal. 

Then today we got the amazing news that the statue had been recovered!  Honestly, I really can’t believe it.  Natalie sent me a text message this afternoon that said –

Looky what Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Found!

Apparently a neighbor tipped off the police for the reward money.  I’m so relieved, I can’t even tell you!  Apparently my dad went straight there and put it in his car.  Haha.  Hooray!

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The Love of October

I love October.  As a classic Libra, October is my month.  The stars tend to line up for me in October.  Not in any concrete, observeable way, but more in an inter-balance sort of way. 

Briscoe and I are adjusting to our new city.  Kate and Trav came to visit last weekend, and Kate and I did the Race For a Cure on Saturday morning with Susan, Jennifer, Mary Righton, Stephanie, Lauren and Meredith.  Trav and Briscoe spent the morning bonding.  I told Trav that he could tie Briscoe up outside of stores if he needed to, but just to not leave her very long. 

Trav’s first stop was the Starbucks in the Frances Marion Hotel.  He decided that Briscoe was probably fine to come inside.  So he and Briscoe stood in the long line patiently waiting for their turn.  It wasn’t until he’d been in the store for about ten minutes and made it up to the counter that anyone even noticed that he’d brought a dog inside.  He said the girl behind the counter took one look at her and said – “YOU CAN’T HAVE A DOG INSIDE THE STORE!” 

And he said, “oh, okay, can I have my coffee and we’ll leave!”

Haha.  It totally makes me laugh to think of the scene. 

Then they went to the visitors center, and Trav tied Briscoe up to the bench outside.  He said she sat down and stared at him, and a couple walking past said, wow, that is a great dog!  After Trav got all the maps of downtown Charleston he could carry and came back outside, the couple was still standing there, watching Briscoe be a great dog.  He said his biggest fear was that someone was going to steal her.  She’s adjusting to city life quite well. 

I’m also adjusting, but I’m starting to have that little homesicky feeling where you start to think of all the people you used to drink beer with on a random tuesday night or the seasonal events you are missing.  Then something tragic like a giant tree falling in your parents front yard, and you really sort of wish you were there to see it.

Crazy times, right?  Kate said she just hopes no one is trapped underneath all the limbs.  I get real sad when trees fall down!

But I’m going to an oyster roast tonight and my new kickball team had it’s first game last night, which was super fun.  We lost, but we could have won if the other team hadn’t had a coach.  A coach.  For kickball.  Come on.

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Briscoe and I decided to go on an exploratory run of our new neighborhood today.  The best thing about wandering around downtown Charleston in the afternoon is that you can look at the direction the sun is setting and then see where the closest body of water is, and you can’t get entirely lost!  It also helps to know which steeple is which and where it is suppose to be in correlation of where you want to be.  Eventually you come upon a main drag and can figure out which way to go next.  That being said, it is completely possibly to end up miles away from where you live with an exhausted dog and long trek home.  We were having such a great time wandering, we really didn’t realize how far away we were from home.

Briscoe is a great dog to walk in populated areas, because everyone asks, Is that a Wheaten?  or, What kind of dog is that?  It is a rare day that someone actually knows she is a wheaten with confidence.  She is adjusting well to her new home, she spends most of her time in what was her favorite chair at our last home.  I’ve decided to just let her keep the chair.  I bought it at the attic sale and have an overstock slipcover on it, and as such, even though it is a high wingback chair I still paid less for it than I did for Briscoe’s last orvis bed.  And she seems to like it better than the orvis bed anyway.  She likes to be up high.

My parents got me a nook for my birthday, like the kindle, but the barnes and noble version.  I’ve always really liked barnes and noble as a store, and I think I like the nook.  Can any one think of any reason why I’d rather have the kindle?

I racked up on novelty electronics this weekend, Travers and Natalie gave me a tom tom, which is really fun.  Now I’ll never be lost again!  Haha.  Somehow I have a feeling that is completely untrue.  I got lost today in North Charleston and took a right turn at a red light that said no right turn because I was so distracted with where the closest fed ex store was.  As I was turning I saw the sign and I thought, OPPS, shouldn’t have done that.  But someone was speeding up behind me so it was too late to turn back!  Luckily, the person speeding up behind me was a cop, who was nice enough to pull me over, listen to my excuse about being a new transplant, lecture me on signs and such, and let me go.  That has never happened to me before!  I’m pretty sure it was the McCoy sticker on the back of my car that got me out of a ticket, but who knows.  I was really pumped about it and really appreciate that cop for being reasonable and nice and understanding – it makes me really respect the force, know what I mean?

K, my battery is dying and I’ve got a good book to read, so sweet dreams friends, and I’ll be back soon!  Love!

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So far, twenty ten has been fairly tumultuous for me.  The strongest indication of what a hard time I was having is probably that I stopped writing.  Not probably.  Definitely.  I have been struggling for the past year to find the right job, the right professional environment, the right motivations.  And I think I’ve finally found it.  But in the process I spent months in an environment that was nothing short of toxic for me.

You know how when you date someone who isn’t nice to you, and then you date someone who is nice to you, and you think, wow, why did I ever put up with that last guy?  That’s the way I feel about my professional life.  It is unbelievable.

The most fun about this new job that I’ve acquired out of sheer luck and happenstance, is that it is in Charleston.  I didn’t want to leave Augusta, and I’m not sure I would have left Augusta if my professional life hadn’t forced my hand.  But fate intervened and I didn’t have a choice, or not a reasonable and mature choice.  The only thing for me to do was to pack up my life and move to Charleston for the job I’ve always wanted.  Life is so hard!  Haha.

So here I am, in my new amazing apartment downtown, trying to absorb what has happened to me.  Two months ago I had no idea any of this was going to happen.  I accepted the job less than a month ago, and tomorrow will be the end of my 3rd week at the new job.

I’ve missed my blog.  I’ve missed my blog friends.  And I’m looking forward to this new chapter in this new city.  I’m going to do my best to document it, because I know I’ll regret it forever if I don’t.   I feel like not writing was a reflection on how stifled I felt in life in general.  I don’t feel stifled anymore.

Oh, and I turn 30 on 10/10/10 – which is Sunday.  So get excited.  Briscoe is going to take lots of pictures.  She might even take some videos.  You never know with the fluffy puff.

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