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The Love of October

I love October.  As a classic Libra, October is my month.  The stars tend to line up for me in October.  Not in any concrete, observeable way, but more in an inter-balance sort of way. 

Briscoe and I are adjusting to our new city.  Kate and Trav came to visit last weekend, and Kate and I did the Race For a Cure on Saturday morning with Susan, Jennifer, Mary Righton, Stephanie, Lauren and Meredith.  Trav and Briscoe spent the morning bonding.  I told Trav that he could tie Briscoe up outside of stores if he needed to, but just to not leave her very long. 

Trav’s first stop was the Starbucks in the Frances Marion Hotel.  He decided that Briscoe was probably fine to come inside.  So he and Briscoe stood in the long line patiently waiting for their turn.  It wasn’t until he’d been in the store for about ten minutes and made it up to the counter that anyone even noticed that he’d brought a dog inside.  He said the girl behind the counter took one look at her and said – “YOU CAN’T HAVE A DOG INSIDE THE STORE!” 

And he said, “oh, okay, can I have my coffee and we’ll leave!”

Haha.  It totally makes me laugh to think of the scene. 

Then they went to the visitors center, and Trav tied Briscoe up to the bench outside.  He said she sat down and stared at him, and a couple walking past said, wow, that is a great dog!  After Trav got all the maps of downtown Charleston he could carry and came back outside, the couple was still standing there, watching Briscoe be a great dog.  He said his biggest fear was that someone was going to steal her.  She’s adjusting to city life quite well. 

I’m also adjusting, but I’m starting to have that little homesicky feeling where you start to think of all the people you used to drink beer with on a random tuesday night or the seasonal events you are missing.  Then something tragic like a giant tree falling in your parents front yard, and you really sort of wish you were there to see it.

Crazy times, right?  Kate said she just hopes no one is trapped underneath all the limbs.  I get real sad when trees fall down!

But I’m going to an oyster roast tonight and my new kickball team had it’s first game last night, which was super fun.  We lost, but we could have won if the other team hadn’t had a coach.  A coach.  For kickball.  Come on.

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