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Briscoe and I decided to go on an exploratory run of our new neighborhood today.  The best thing about wandering around downtown Charleston in the afternoon is that you can look at the direction the sun is setting and then see where the closest body of water is, and you can’t get entirely lost!  It also helps to know which steeple is which and where it is suppose to be in correlation of where you want to be.  Eventually you come upon a main drag and can figure out which way to go next.  That being said, it is completely possibly to end up miles away from where you live with an exhausted dog and long trek home.  We were having such a great time wandering, we really didn’t realize how far away we were from home.

Briscoe is a great dog to walk in populated areas, because everyone asks, Is that a Wheaten?  or, What kind of dog is that?  It is a rare day that someone actually knows she is a wheaten with confidence.  She is adjusting well to her new home, she spends most of her time in what was her favorite chair at our last home.  I’ve decided to just let her keep the chair.  I bought it at the attic sale and have an overstock slipcover on it, and as such, even though it is a high wingback chair I still paid less for it than I did for Briscoe’s last orvis bed.  And she seems to like it better than the orvis bed anyway.  She likes to be up high.

My parents got me a nook for my birthday, like the kindle, but the barnes and noble version.  I’ve always really liked barnes and noble as a store, and I think I like the nook.  Can any one think of any reason why I’d rather have the kindle?

I racked up on novelty electronics this weekend, Travers and Natalie gave me a tom tom, which is really fun.  Now I’ll never be lost again!  Haha.  Somehow I have a feeling that is completely untrue.  I got lost today in North Charleston and took a right turn at a red light that said no right turn because I was so distracted with where the closest fed ex store was.  As I was turning I saw the sign and I thought, OPPS, shouldn’t have done that.  But someone was speeding up behind me so it was too late to turn back!  Luckily, the person speeding up behind me was a cop, who was nice enough to pull me over, listen to my excuse about being a new transplant, lecture me on signs and such, and let me go.  That has never happened to me before!  I’m pretty sure it was the McCoy sticker on the back of my car that got me out of a ticket, but who knows.  I was really pumped about it and really appreciate that cop for being reasonable and nice and understanding – it makes me really respect the force, know what I mean?

K, my battery is dying and I’ve got a good book to read, so sweet dreams friends, and I’ll be back soon!  Love!

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