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List envy

Did you see this map about baby girl names?  It is mesmerizing.  I accepted as a young child that I was never going to find a keychain or a license plate or a coffee mug with my name on it.  I do have a couple coffee mugs that say Chuck on them.  Since SSA is a large part of my every day life, I am well aware of the 1000 top baby names released every year.  What I was not aware of is that my name was once in the top 1000 baby names!  I made a list!  Exactly 50 years before I was born! This made my day.  Thanks, Cristi and Mental Floss, for giving me real evidence for the next time I get in an argument with a stranger who says Charlsie is not a real name.  It IS a REAL name.  It’s just an old name.  59 baby girls were named Charlsie in 1930.  Don’t worry about the fact that 237 baby girls were named Charles in 1930, it’s not relevant.    According to SSA, 1930 is the only year that the name Charlsie broke into the top 1000 names.  The name Travers has not made the list to date.  The records began in 1879, 100 years before Travers was born.

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