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Friday night Jennifer and I went over to Chad’s house to drink a few beers.  We started talking about The Office – which is a fantastic television show in my opinion.  Chad wanted to know if I’d seen the episode from the night before.  I said I had.  We both agreed it was a great episode. 

Me:  Gosh!  Pam and Jim make me sad!  They are so great, I have such a crush on both of them, and even though I do like Karen, I want Pam and Jim to get it together.  Pam was so sad!

Chad:  Really?  I didn’t even really pay attention to that part – except when Dwight tried to comfort Pam when she was crying and told her she must really be PMSing.  But the best part was the  inappropriate pictures of Michael and Jan.  That was hilarious. 

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The bouncer at the Georgia Theater last night thought I was the wife of one of the Kinchafoonee Cowboys. He was really pumped to see me, I felt bad that I wasn’t her.

I almost got in a fight with these idiots that grabbed my butt during the concert (after they started a brawl in the middle of the crowd). I was in quite the feisty mood last night. I must have made them feel bad because one of the came and apologized later. I told him it happens all the time.

I am heading to Augusta for the night, to see my parents and dogs. I think I might go to a party with my little pink frosted cupcake of a friend Mary Beth.

Miss me. Kisses.

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