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Last night I watched AFI’s 100 movies 100 cheers – or the name was something like that.  Regardless, I really enjoy watching clips from movies that I love.  It was really fun, and I added a few movies to my netflix queue.  Lately I’ve been using netflix for mostly tv on dvd – because I love watching tv shows on dvd – without the commercials and everything, but at the same time I don’t want to buy the seasons because I never watch them again and they are expensive. 

OMG – what am I doing – I totally need to go study.  It stresses me out to be so unproductive.  Seriously, I need to stop downloading televisions shows on iTunes and stop playing on netflix.  Some people have problems on things like the facebook and myspace, not me, I have problems reading excerpts out of books on amazon and google reference and downloading tv shows on itunes and looking for obscure movies on netflix. 

At least myspace and facebook represent the real world on some level instead of the totally fictional world of books and movies that I prefer to bury myself in. 

I need to get a life.

p.s. did you know that fictional was a word?  I feel like it should be fictitious (which is also a word).  But I wrote fictional and didn’t realize it until I re-read the post, and I looked it up on dictionary.com and it says it is a word.  Who knew?  Which one is correct?  Does it matter?  Do I have more pressing concerns in my life right now?  Am I a crazy person?

p.p.s. Okay, I think that fictional is the correct word for the above circumstance.  Fictional is something to do with fiction and stories and stuff, and fictitious is something that is false or for the purpose of deception.  Actually, the more I look at the definitions the more I think I am creating fictitious facts.  I think the words are interchangeable and that I’m just wasting precious time.  I could be laying out in the sun right now.  Gah. 

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Hey Y’all

So I’m feeling slightly less crazy than last time I updated.  Our bar review talking head was better today than yesterday.  The evidence woman from yesterday and Friday was blatantly telling us incorrect Georgia law and going through the MOST TERRIBLE outline I have ever encountered.  I suck at making outlines, like, I make seriously terrible outlines.  And I swear I could have made a better outline than the one we were provided.  What ev.  Barbri really dropped the ball with the evidence portion of the Georgia bar review. 

Today was much better.  We actually had a lecture from a professor who teaches at a law school in the state of Georgia.  Novel concept when it comes to Georgia law.  Obviously I still thought I might black out before 12:30 struck, but I think I might have learned something and I didn’t walk away with less knowledge than I arrived with (see:  yesterday’s lecture). 

I am sorry for those of you who have grown accustom to the fact that I don’t talk about law school that much who now have to listen to me complain about the bar, but in all honesty I don’t have a lot else going on in my life right now.  I could tell you about the weather here in athens – it has been lovely. 

I could tell you some of the brilliant thoughts I’ve been having while running or riding my bike: 

1. I hate hills.   
2.  I love hills. 
3.  I hate hills.  I can’t breathe, my arms are tingling, my head is going to explode.

This is the point where if I am riding my bike I knock the chain off while shifting gears in the middle of a huge hill while lots of high schoolers at cheerleading camp in matching outfits watch me struggle off my bike and get grease all over me while I try to put the chain back on.   I’m really awesome. 

I’ve been eating pria bars for breakfast and eating apples and oranges for mid-morning snacks.  I’ve also been drinking orange juice and taking my iron.  I’m taking care of my self. 

But don’t worry, I’m still drinking lots of coke and diet coke and eating lots of cheese dip and chips and popcorn and chicken fingers.  I’m just supplementing the bad stuff with the good. 

I bought some super cute wedge sandals that make me look hot.  And I bought a backpack that I’m a pumped about. 

Why am I so unproductive?  WHY WHY WHY. 

Please send me text messages from the hours of 9 am to 12:30 pm.  I would greatly appreciate any attention you could bestow upon me. 

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I’m sorry I’ve been so bad about updating the ole blog.  I’m not real sure what has gotten into me, but I’m trying to cut out the multi tasking.  But that isn’t even true.  Okay, so I have to sit in Barbri for three hours without the internet, and I’ve been playing on the internet during every class I’ve sat through in the past three years.  And not being on the internet during class has left me less dependent on my laptop.  Weird. 

So what have I been doing instead of playing on the computer?  Well…..

I’ve been riding my bike.  I still kind of suck at it, and I definitely don’t vary much in the path I take, but at the same time, I’m riding.  I’ve also been running with Cristina, and a little on my own. 

I’ve been going to the movies.  I saw the Da Vinci Code last week, and I liked it a lot. I had really low expectations because everyone said such bad things, but I enjoyed it.  Parts of it definitely scared me.  Cristina and I went to the late movie, and I had a hard time going to sleep that night.  I mean, it wasn’t a scary movie overall, but I would classify it as a thriller. 

I saw the breakup today with the girls from my prayer group + molly.  I also had low expectations on this movie.  There was a lot of yelling.  I don’t do yelling.  In real life, or movies.  Seriously.  DON’T. YELL. AT. ME.  DON’T. EVEN. YELL. AROUND. ME.  Watching a movie with lots of yelling is miserable in my opinion.  I don’t need to pay money to listen to yelling.  I mean, I don’t hate yelling because I’ve been yelled at a lot.  No one in my family yells.  We are more likely to use a hurtful tone.  No raised voices.  So, I guess, my aversion to yelling is just that I’m not used to it.  It hurts me.  Want me to start crying?  Yell at me. 

So whatev, The Breakup, it was realistic, and I like Jennifer and Vince, and the other Vince that I didn’t even know was in the movie until it started.  But. But. But.  Breakups suck.  They suck when it is you breaking up, they suck when it is your friend, they suck when it is a sibling, a parent, etc.  Basically the movie was just a little to real life for my liking.   Like Molly said, I don’t go to the movie to relive my most traumatic breakup over again. 

I went to the bookstore and bought a bunch of books that I’m super excited about.  I’ll try to do another post just about the books some other time, but I make you no promises and I tell no lies. 

What have I been freaking out about lately?

I pull out my eyebrows when I am concentrating or stressed, not to the point where it is noticeable, it is just one of those little tics, like some people crack their knuckles, and I pull on my eyebrows.  Sometimes I also pull out the flyaway hair that gets in my face, just like one strand at a time, but not that often, and only when I’m concentrating on something.  This is something I’ve been doing for years, and, like cracking knuckles, I assumed it wasn’t necessarily the best of ideas, but wasn’t a problem either.  Everyone has some sort of nervous tic, right?  Some people grind their teeth, bite their nails, chew on their lip, etc.  I mean, my brother twists napkins into tightly wound wads.  He doesn’t even know he is doing it.  This is totally normal and everyone does it and I never thought anything about pulling out my eyebrows. 

I was told this weekend that pulling your hair out is a syndrome.  Great.  All I need is another psychological disorder.  I mean, pulling out your eyebrows isn’t on the same level as cutting yourself.  But as it turns out, some people pull their hair out until they don’t have any hair left. And the disorder is associated with the desire to cause physical harm to yourself.  Gah. 

I have been researching, and one of the symptoms of this problem is that you pull enough hair out to have it be noticable.  I would have to pull my hair out all day long for the next six months
to pull all my hair out. 

But I guess it is an eye opener to realize
that any small tendency in our life can become a big thing if you
aren’t aware of it or if you let it consume you.  I think that means that I don’t  actually have a problem.  I like to think that I have more of a tendency.  And I have a lot of tendencies.  I have quite a few OCD tendencies, but I don’t think I could be classified as OCD.

I filled out a little survey at one of the websites I looked at and one of the questions was whether or not you had ever been diagnosed with ADD. 

OMG – I’m such a crazy person, I’m going to stop playing on the internet and looking for disorders that might apply to me.  And I’m going to try to stop pulling out my eyebrows.  Y’all don’t want to hear any more about my crazy compulsions. 

Did I ever tell you I was a hypochondriac?

Well, I am.    This bar review stuff is already messing with my head.

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When my alarm clock goes off in the morning my first thought, every time, is, "What the hell is that noise?!"  My second is, "GAH!  TURN IT OFF!!!

I don’t want to go to barbri today.  DON’T. WANT. TO. GO.  This is only the second day.  Either I’m going to get into a groove and things are going to get better or I’m going to fail the bar.  I always said that I would rather work at burger king for the rest of my life than have to redo my first year of law school, and barbri has the strange sensation of feeling a lot like my first year of law school.  At least it only last 2 months.  I can do anything for two months. 

It is heating up here in the deep south.  Cristina and I ran yesterday and I forget how dehydrated running in the heat makes me, and I am paying for it this morning.  I feel hungover and I haven’t had anything but water to drink since 4 yesterday afternoon and I haven’t had alcohol since sunday at dinner.  Dehydration is the enemy. 

Okay, I’m going back to the mines, I mean, barbri. 

I apologize for the whiny tone of this post.  I promise I’ll perk up soon. 

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So I graduated from law school this weekend.  It was awesome.  I mean – the actual ceremony was hot and long and everything that graduations are suppose to be – but other than that it was an excellent weekend.  It seemed to last a long time – which was good because I wanted to savor it all.  I had some very special friends and family come visit – Betsy, Jennifer, Pete, Travers, Elizabeth, Mama and Daddy.  I spent most of yesterday recovering from the party Saturday night.  I’m an idiot.  But it was so much fun. 

Today I started PMBR.  For those of you who don’t have to be tortured this summer by the bar – PMBR is a study course that focuses on the multistate part of the bar.  I was inside from 9-11 then from 12-3:30.  It was depressing. 

The bar is split into two days.  The first day is the multistate part of the bar – which every person taking the bar in the United States takes.  It consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  In the morning you have three hours to complete the first 100 questions.  Then an hour for lunch.  Then you have three more hours to complete 100 more questions.  Gah.

All I can really say about this is that if you are thinking about going to law school and you are having a nervous breakdown about the LSAT – get a grip, and possibly a new life plan.   I really hate people that stomp on other people’s dreams and I don’t want to be that person, but if you can’t emotionally handle the stress of the LSAT – law school isn’t a good idea for you.    I mean, if you can’t calm down enough to act normal you aren’t going to do well on the test anyway – but all I’m saying is that the sooner you learn to control your stress levels and anxiety the happier you are going to be if you dream of a legal career.  If you aren’t able to work the LSAT into your every day life without making drastic personal sacrifices, I can’t imagine what the bar exam is going to be. 

I’m being repetitive.  Follow your dreams, you can do it.  If I can graduate from law school, you also can graduated from law school.  There, now I feel better about being negative. 

Did I tell y’all that I got a bike?  I got a very pretty Trek hybrid and I so excited about it.  I haven’t had my own bike in over ten years.  I rode it for the first time in Athens today.  I’m still adjusting to it – so I didn’t try to kill myself.  I rode for about an hour – but it was a very leisure ride. 

After spending all day inside it was very refreshing to be outside for a little while.  I’m hoping that biking is going to keep me from going crazy this summer.  How fun will it be when it gets super hot?  So fun.  Biking makes me feel noticeably different than running.  I can’t really explain it, but it is a different feeling.  I worry about my wrists getting sore or my back hurting – like – I worry about not having the right posture while riding.  But I think I’m learning.  Biking makes me really nervous.  I’m scared of getting hit by a car.  I’m scared of eating the concrete.  I’m scared of the chain coming loose while I’m changing gears.  I’m scared my bike is going to fall off the rack while I’m driving.  I feel sure I’m going to get more comfortable with the whole process, but right now I’m nervous. 

Maybe I’m just looking for something to be nervous about besides the bar.  Displaced nervousness.  Dang. 

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