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(continued from below – this is Saturday night at dinner after bowling for hours)

Sometime in the course of dinner Steve tells us that he is planning on
going to Long Beach on Sunday to jump into the ocean with his cousin
Adam, who lives around there, for the annual meeting of the  Long Beach Polar Bear Club.
Libby and I get really excited and decide that we want to go too.  The
only problem?  My flight was set to leave at noon on Sunday. 

No prob, Emily knew the phone number for Delta, so I called and changed my flight to Monday morning. 

After dinner we went to Japas 38,
a ridiculously fun Karaoke bar.  These people were serious about
karaoke.  The song book was in English, Korean, Phillipean, and
Japanese.  Steve had some difficulties finding his song before I got
him out of the Korean section and back to the English part.  We are
really good at Karaoke.  You can’t imagine. 

Sunday morning I woke up, and thought, THERE IS NO WAY I AM JUMPING
INTO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN THIS MORNING.  Because, you see, I’m allergic
to cold water
.  Yeah.  But I changed my flight.  GAHHH!!!

It took some work, but eventually, Steve, Libby and I were all on the subway with our egg and cheese bagels on our way to Queens.  Steve’s cousin Adam picked us up in Queens and drove us out to long beach.  Adam is a high school PE teacher and basketball coach.  Once in the car I sort of started to freak out.  I did stop by Duane Reed and pick up some claritin to make sure I didn’t break out into hives, but hives or no hives I was not excited about getting into the water.  I told them that I didn’t want to do it, but that I wouldn’t chicken out.  I knew I was trapped. 

Long Beach is a super cool place.  Very cute and would be so fun in the summer time.  Once we got out to the beach my dread intensified.  I told everyone that I hated them for bringing me.  Seriously, I was FREEZING with my pajama pants, tshirt and fleece and shoes on, and I did NOT want to  strip down to my bathing suit (actually, jennifer’s bathing suit).  The wind was all over the place, and there were THOUSANDS of people. 

Also, I was devastated by the fact that they ran out of t-shirts and sweatshirts before we got there.  Which meant that I wasn’t even going to have any proof of this adventure.   But I think I can order one online. 

They had a table with coffee, and baked goods you could buy, and I tried to make myself feel better withe some coffee.  But even the coffee got cold pretty quickly.  I was in dire straits.

I wish y’all could have seen the ocean.  The waves were HUGE.  I am convinced that if you had gotten far enough into the water you would have been immediately ripped out into open sea by tide.  Crashing waves.  CRASHING.  Huge.  White.  Capped.  Crashing.  Waves. 

I really didn’t think I was going to be able to take my clothes off.  We got to the beach around 1, and the time to Polar Bear was 1:30.  There was a stage, and the radio station was blaring music, and a priest was praying, and there was a huge clock counting down the time till 1:30.  When the countdown got to ten minutes the crowd started to get excited.  There were all kinds of children running around in their bathing suits with no shoes on, and I wanted to yell at them that they were going to catch their death of cold but I refrained. 

When the countdown got to two minutes they started blaring horns and we were in the middle of throng of people working themselves into a frenzy and I was about to have a heart attack.  Seriously, group mentality is really powerful. 

So after a few seconds of deliberation, libby and I looked at each other, laughed hysterically, and started stripping off layers.  Taking the shoes off was the hardest, but we were caught up in the moment and it was quite a rush.  Once we were standing in our bathing suits, libby and I linked arms and fought our way through the mass of people, the bystanders, the parents, and the soaking wet people who had already rushed into the surf. 

One of the things that kept me moving was the fact that the sopping wet people all had smiles on their faces and they were excited.  So libby and I threw ourselves into the crashing waves, we made it to the second level of crashing waves, a little past our waist, while shrieking and laughing, and then ran back out of the water as quickly as possible. 

My legs were on fire.  ON.  FIRE.  But the weird thing?  I was warmer when I got out of the water than I had been before I jumped into the water.  Besides the fact that my legs were on fire, and I couldn’t feel my feet, I wasn’t near as cold as I had been before.  Libby and I put our pajama pants back on, and found Steve and Adam – who did dunk their heads under, and we went back down to the water to take some pictures. 

We found a nice mom to take our picture, and as we posed with our towels at the edge of the water, a HUGE wave crashed up onto shore, soaking our feet and the nice mom who was taking our picture.  My pajama pants were soaked midway up my calf.  I still couldn’t feel my feet.  Actually it was about an hour after I finally put my shoes back on before I feel my feet, although my legs stopped being on fire much more swiftly. 

Overall, it was an awesome day.  I might have more to say about it later – but right now I’m going to the trails to enjoy this wonderful weather, even if it is a little cold for my liking, obviously I’ve handled colder. 

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So – I had a big weekend.  And I want to make sure I tell you about all of it.  I haven’t been good about relaying my adventures lately and I am going to start acting right, right now.  Also, I apologize for not doing any New Yorkie things really.  I didn’t go into a single department store, didn’t buy any thing that I couldn’t eat or drink, or even make it into central park.  Kill me. 

I flew out Wednesday night.  Monday and Tuesday had been really rough days for me, as in, I had ACTUAL work to do.  Wednesday I met up with Betsy in the ATL at her house because she was sweet enough to volunteer to take me to the airport, and we sped down the HOV lane to the airport to eat dinner and talk about ridiculousness.  Betsy and I always have so much to say.  Shocking.   

I had a sort of late flight and by the time I made it to Libby and Jennifer’s new apartment at 39th and 2nd avenue – it was basically time to go to sleep.  Libby had to work the next day anyway. 

Thursday morning Jennifer and I hit the streets, and after a quick bagel break, we headed down to the east village (I think) to the Sunshine Cinema for an 11:45 viewing of Good Night and Good Luck.  Maggie came and met us and it was a really cool place to see a movie.  There were lots of old people in the theater with us.  Although the movie was only an hour and a half, it was really intense, and I think if it had been any longer it would have been too long.  Everyone smokes the entire movie – except George Clooney’s character.  I didn’t notice this until midway through the movie, so I could be wrong, but I don’t think he lights up the whole movie.  And I read somewhere that he was concerned with all the smoking, but wanted it to be historically accurate – so he put a mocking cigarette commercial in the middle of the movie to discourage people from smoking. 

After the movie we walked over to Blecker Street and macked on some cupcakes at Magnolia Bakerylazy sunday style.   Jennifer and Maggie both picked on me for buying four – one to eat and three to take home.  Then I almost had to body slam Jennifer out the window of her 9th floor apartment  friday morning because she tried to eat the last devils food and cream cheese icing cupcake – can you imagine the nerve?  After making fun of me?  Gah.  Beth came into town from New Haven for jennifer’s birthday – and after Magnolia we walked up to Grand Central to retrieve her from the train. 

Thursday we had reservations for the Spice Market for Jennifer’s birthday – which was wednesday.  I didn’t make it to dinner because I came down with a brief illness which prevented me from looking at food.  Instead I had to lay in Libby’s bed and pretend that I’d never seen food in my life.  I never actually got sick – but I was terribly nauseous for hours.  It is amazing how homesick you can be when you are actually sick.  I was very afraid I was coming down with the flu, but Friday morning I felt 100% better.  Good enough to not let jennifer eat my cupcake.  Well, I’m a push over, so I of course split it with her.  I talk a big game. 

The only thing notable thing I missed at dinner – besides the company of my friends in a swanky place, was the fact that Terri Hatcher was seated at the table next to said friends.  Libby called me from the restaurant, and the conversation went something like this:

L:  You are going to hate me. 
C:  What?
L:  Terri Hatcher is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US!  AGGGHHH. 
C:  I don’t care at all, I’m dying. 
C:  WAIT!  WAIT!!  Is George Clooney with her?
L:  No. 
C:  Right, I couldn’t care less.  Like I said, I’m dying. 

I mean, I didn’t even know that Terri ATE food.  The general consensus was that she dresses like her character on DH.  Weird. 

Friday morning I was feeling much better and Jennifer and I had an appoint at Bliss Spa for pedicures.  It was rainy and cold when we left the apartment, which was depressing.  I really wanted a manicure instead, but they wouldn’t let me drop the pedicure, so I just added a manicure for $25.  Because of this, when the nail lady asked me if I wanted the "plum pretty pedicure" or the basic, I went with the basic.  Jennifer, who is the biggest sucker in america, went with the plum pretty.  Which was $15 extra.  For special products.  Which wasn’t explained.  If it wasn’t so funny, it would really make me mad that they pressure you like that without explaining it to you.  But I was on the look out for such behavior. 

The highlight of the nail place?  The little brownies and cheese and crackers that we got to eat while our nails were drying.  Also, the rain ran away and the sun came out while we were inside.  Beth came and met us for lunch.  After lunch I went to get my hair cut from Maggie and Brandt’s hair stylist and since I hadn’t had my hair cut since August, I was pretty excited.  Overall, I like the haircut and the salon experience was fairly painless. 

After the haircut, I went and saw Maggie at work.  She works at Scully and Scully.  I walked straight up Park Avenue, and as I was walking I had to seriously shed layers.  Because it was 68 degrees outside.  And before I realized how hot it was – I bought a coffee because I was getting tired, and while taking my last sip I spilt coffee all over my white tank top.  So when I got to Scully and Scully, I was sweating, so I didn’t want to put my hoodie back on, but I had to because I had coffee ALL over me.  Classy, I know.  At least my hair looked good. 

Libby wasn’t doing anything at work, so when I left Scully and Scully I headed over to OMD and got to meet Dennis, and see libby’s office again, and re-meet Nick.  It was fun.  They have lots of toys at Libby’s office.  Lots of posters and stuff. 

Once work was done, Libby and I went over to Steve’s apartment – the Nook, ate some pizza, and played an excellent game of quarters with Steve and Russ.  I haven’t seen Russ in YEARS – so it was fun.  Libby and Steve also made an excellent music video that I will post if I can figure out how to do it. 

Lauren Owens was in New Jersey last week for training, and came into the city for friday night, so we had quite a crowd.  We ate dinner at an irish pub place, jennifer, steve, paul (steve’s roomie), libby, lauren, beth, and noah.  Libby, Steve and I were a little ahead of everyone else’s drinking, but everyone made a valiant effort to catch up.  The night took us to the lower east side.  In the bar – The Living Room – Lauren and Steve got us kicked upstairs for dancing.  I initially thought the bouncer was yelling at Lauren for doing a backbend and basically laying on the floor, but it was much simpler than that, he was just telling her not to dance downstairs. 

Upstairs, more backbends ensued and I did a handstand.  Steve killed me in Ms. Pac Man while we discussed life and relationships and why we suck at them.  It isn’t us, it is everyone else.  I think we finally made it home around 3:30, after some more pizza. 

Saturday morning we didn’t have any plans, and I threw a fit to go to Sara Beth’s for brunch, and everyone happily obliged my whim.  Maggie and Brandt met us for brunch so again it was a great group.  It was raining again Saturday afternoon.  Jennifer went back to the apartment with Beth and Lauren, because they were both leaving, and Libby, Steve and I met up with Emily Wolf.  We considered going to the Natural History Museum, but decided it would be more fun to go bowling.  I think bowling is a great rainy saturday afternoon activity, so, we headed to Bowlmor.   

Let me tell you how much fun we had bowling.  So.  Much.  Fun.  Let’s just say I broke 100 two games in a row.  My first game I bowled two strikes in the last frame and then I came so close to a third strike, but left one pin.  GAHHH.  My third game was less than impressive. I attribute this to the fact that at 6 pm, at the beginning of game 3,  the lanes went cosmic.  But maybe the beer was starting to hurt me.  Emily and Noah bowled the last game with us, and by that time Jennifer was back from seeing Beth and Lauren off, so we were back to being one big happy. 

I was starving by the end of bowling, and so was Libby, because Steve refused to let us order food while we were bowling.  He thought it was a great way to catch a disease – eating while bowling.  So Noah suggested the place next door – the Reservoir, which, after you adjusted to the strange smell, ended up having spectacular food.  One of the best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten. 

(to be continued…..)

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