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This is via Caleb.   It has one bad word in it – but it is so hilarious I’m posting it anyway.  Mom – I’m sorry – it is funny. 

Don’t Sleep With These Guys PSA

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Tuesday night television

Did you know that every contestant on American Idol has been singing since they were 3 years old?

Know what?

I have also been singing since I was 3 year old.  I even got to be in choir a year early because my mom’s friend was the children’s choir director.  I was in choir from the time I was 4 till I was almost 18.

Know what else?

When I sing in the car my dad threatens to put me off on the side of the road and take all my worldly possessions away from me if I don’t shut up.

So if one more idiot on American Idol tells the camera man that they should be the next american idol because they have been singing since they were 3 years old I’m going to start telling people the reason I should be an attorney is because I’ve been fluent in English since I was 2.

K – I’m going to the library to be productive.

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I don’t know if I would say that it is my happiest moment of every day – but it wouldn’t be a stretch.  And it is definitely my most consistently happy moment. 

I LOVE the moment before you go to sleep – once you are in bed – and have finished reading, or watching tv. or talking on the phone, after you have turned the light off and you snuggle down into the covers and think about the fact that you are finally in bed for the night.  It doesn’t matter if I have been laying in bed all day playing sick – that moment of turning off the light and burrowing in affords me a great deal of happiness. 

Of course – the best is when you have been ridiculously busy and are bone tired and have finally made it home.  And second to that is when you have been out at night and wanting to go home and someone finally agrees to take a cab home with you or volunteers to drive you home and like magic you are safe and sound in bed and not out worried about how you are going to get home and whether or not it might take you two hours.  Because I don’t like to drive home after I have been out at the bar.  It is very bad judgment. 

I made some vegetable soup tonight.  It tasted pretty good – maybe a little bland – but I am hoping that it will be even better tomorrow.  I totally burned my mouth on it – it took so long to cook and I was so hungry I kind of lost patience and now I am paying for it. 

In other news – I am happy to report that the whole town of Athens didn’t wash away under a flash flood this afternoon.  I have never seen such rain before in my life – it was very annoying.  I bet the trails are all washed to hell and back.  Gah. 

So – I am caught up on this new season of 24 which makes me very happy for a couple of reasons.  First – it is a good show and fun to watch.  Second – because everyone I know – okay – every boy I know and a lot of girls- is obsessed with it – and I hate to be missing out of something so exciting – I’m a sheep. 

Everyone say a little prayer that I don’t wake up in the morning sick.  Something is going around and I’m a hypochondriac. 

Oh – so I watched the Pride and Prejudice miniseries from 1995 or something today and yesterday.  Jennifer and I have been discussing the characters in this oh so awesome story at great lengths lately.  She says that I am like Jane because I always want to think the best of people and I’m always optimistic to a fault about people’s intentions.  And I just had an epiphany about what this means if it is true, or what it might mean. 

So here is my question – and I would love everyone’s opinion on the situation.  If I am the kind of person who genuinely likes almost everyone – do you not believe me when I tell you someone is awesome and that you will love them?  Like – if you are my friend and I tell you about one of my other friends who lives somewhere else or who you don’t know – and I tell you this other friend is great and you should get excited about meeting them – do you believe me?  Or do you think in the back of your mind – what ev – Charlsie likes everyone – we will see if they are really that great?   Does my recommendation hold any weight?  Or is it tainted by my lack of discretion with my affections? 

I’m not sure about that – but I have observed that when I don’t like someone – people tend to take note of it because I like everyone and I must have a good reason for disliking this particular person if I make such enormous allowances for everyone else.

But I would like to use my powers for good as well as evil.  What do you think?

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Weird Dreams

OMG – I had some super weird dreams last night about clowns being after me.  Not just any clowns – but the clowns off the Barnum’s animal crackers box.  I don’t even know if there are clowns on the box – but in my dream there were.  I hate clowns.  Creepy.  But I like animal crackers.  00379cl

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From Cam

I thought this was pretty funny.  I love the Onion

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I think I forgot to tell y’all how great bible study was last night.  It was really fun – and even though we talked about something that we talk about all the time – Worry – I still think it is something that I need to hear again and again in order to keep my head on straight about how I shouldn’t worry about the little things and should live from day to day and not flip out about the future. 

My shoulders hurt a lot.  A lot a lot.  But it is a beautiful day and it is suppose to be fairly warm – so I’m going to go run outside later – which I think will help me work out some of my soreness.  Look at me – being healthy and stuff. 

Susan Elizabeth sent me some awesome links to articles about thefacebook – and I thought y’all might like them:  here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Suz is so cute and knows how much I love the facebook.  I mean, there is no reason to read all of them I guess – but it is interesting.  Some of the facts I was interested in and found rather impressive:
80-90% of college students are on the facebook
5 million college students overall
75% of students on the facebook check their profile once a day
the average student checks their profile 6 times a day. 

Also – I loved this article – via Sherry – about how to find a job you love.   It is a long article – but one I really enjoyed.  I also really love Sherry’s blog – I have been reading it for a couple of years and it is consistent and thoughtful and always enjoyable. 

Class is almost over!  Then my weekend begins!  I love my life!!  It is such a beautiful day!

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I set my alarm for 9:30 this morning – even though I didn’t have class today – I knew I didn’t want to get up at noon and have my whole day be shot – since I have a bad habit of sleeping quite late. 

And as crazy as it sounds – I actually woke up at 9:30.  But I layed in bed and played on the computer and fought indecision as to what should happen next in my day until around 11 at which point I moved downstairs to the couch.  After cooking a toaster strudel, I settled in to watch a couple episodes of 24. 

Around 1:30 I overcame my indecision and got dressed to go to yoga and run some errands. 

Let me tell y’all about power yoga.  www.athenspoweryoga.com.  It is super great.  I mean, of course, if you think sweating buckets and being in pretty intense pain for an hour and a half in a small dark room heated to 90 degrees great.  Oh, and not being able to walk for days afterward. 

No seriously – I don’t like regular yoga – but I really do enjoy power yoga – I think an hour and a half is kind of a long time – but you really do feel great afterward.  Well, after you peel all your clothes off and wash yourself and eat everything you can find.  Then you feel pretty awesome. 

Who am I kidding.  I think I’m just a masochist.   Yawn.  I’m tired. 


I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.   I wish someone in particular would call me back.  I love chocolate chip cookies.  I wish my shower and bathtub at my apartment were better. 

But other than those little complaints – all my clothes have been washed – my house smells like detergent – which is awesome – and I am feeling great about life and the world at large. 

Kisses – sweet dreams – sleep tight.  (I know I will).

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Go Dawgs!

I’ll be at the basketball game tonight at Stegman Coliseum  with Jill Bateman.  I’m pretty pumped – I haven’t been to a game all year and this one should be a big one!  I know we haven’t had the best lately – but I have faith in our team.  Plus – Kentucky isn’t at it’s finest either.  We even have a better record than they do. 

Georgia v. Kentucky –  9 pm ESPN

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So, apparently my advanced evidence teacher didn’t get the memo that pop quizzes are completely against the law and categorically unfair in law school.  Especially 3rd year.  There are only 3rd years in my class. 








I totally failed it.  And I’m kind of upset. 

OMG!  What is the problem!  I used to be a professional at failing pop quizzes.  No sweat.  Seriously, failing pop quizzes used to be one of my specialties.  I guess today was just the first pop quiz I’ve failed in three or four years.  Maybe I’m losing my touch. 

In other news – the Snickers conspiracy continues. Not only are there no snickers in the vending machines anymore – now there are no snickers in the bookstore candy shop. 

I have complained to Dean Kurtz and the employees at the bookstore candy shop.  The candy shop people I politely asked  them to order more – to which they thanked me for pointing out the need.  Dean Kurtz said that he would look into it and agreed whole heartedly with me that it was a dire situation to which he would devote his whole attention. 

Also – not to be a nerd – but what is the problem with Star 94.1 these days – I used to get good reception in my car but lately I’m just not able to hear the music like I once was – and I kind of miss it. 

Lastly – Christy and I decided yesterday that we would rent a movie and order a pizza.  So Christy picked us up a pizza from little italy and then we both went to Video Warehouse.  But instead of renting a movie like we should have – we decided to rent the first season of 24.  Yep – so instead of committing to a three hour movie – we committed to 24 hours of intense, stress-filled television.  We made it through seven hours yesterday – and I’ve watched three more hours this afternoon by myself.

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Since I don’t have class on Friday, and we didn’t have school today – I have been enjoying a ridiculously long weekend.  And I’m too lazy to go into detail about it all – so I’m going to make y’all a list. 

1.  Talked to my awesome friend David Moore on the phone.
2.  Bought new running shoes from the knowledgeable and helpful people at Bulldog Sporting Goods – after much deliberation I ended up with the New Balance 1221. 
3.  Ran three miles in new running shoes with Cristina on trails.  We talked about boys I think. 
4.  Went to dinner at East West to celebrate Bitsy’s engagement to Jon.  I had a fantastic cheeseburger – Shannon ordered us great wine – and my french fries were to die for.  Staci helped me clean my plate.
5.  Played CatchPhrase as a drinking game at Bitsy, Dean and Taylor’s house.
6.  Wandered around downtown – finally settled on Cutters for a few drinks.

1.  Slept in. 
2.  Retrived car from parking deck.
3.  Dropped new cell phone in puddle. 
4.  Saved new cell phone for destruction by speeding SUV by sacrificing own life. 
5.  Dried off new cell phone with my clothing and hair.  New cell phone is still alive.
6.  Bought new books at Borders with christmas gift card from Brother. 
7.  Visited the nice people at the Clarke County DMV and received new drivers licence to replace lost drivers license. 
8.  Layed around and watched television. 
9.  Went to super fun rager at Ally’s apartment with other awesome law school people I don’t hang out with enough where we played Kings and drank wine and beer and laughed our heads off. 
10.  Made appearance at 283 Bar before catching a ride home with Lindsey.

coming soon. 


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