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This is via Caleb.   It has one bad word in it – but it is so hilarious I’m posting it anyway.  Mom – I’m sorry – it is funny. 

Don’t Sleep With These Guys PSA

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Tuesday night television

Did you know that every contestant on American Idol has been singing since they were 3 years old?

Know what?

I have also been singing since I was 3 year old.  I even got to be in choir a year early because my mom’s friend was the children’s choir director.  I was in choir from the time I was 4 till I was almost 18.

Know what else?

When I sing in the car my dad threatens to put me off on the side of the road and take all my worldly possessions away from me if I don’t shut up.

So if one more idiot on American Idol tells the camera man that they should be the next american idol because they have been singing since they were 3 years old I’m going to start telling people the reason I should be an attorney is because I’ve been fluent in English since I was 2.

K – I’m going to the library to be productive.

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