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Since I don’t have class on Friday, and we didn’t have school today – I have been enjoying a ridiculously long weekend.  And I’m too lazy to go into detail about it all – so I’m going to make y’all a list. 

1.  Talked to my awesome friend David Moore on the phone.
2.  Bought new running shoes from the knowledgeable and helpful people at Bulldog Sporting Goods – after much deliberation I ended up with the New Balance 1221. 
3.  Ran three miles in new running shoes with Cristina on trails.  We talked about boys I think. 
4.  Went to dinner at East West to celebrate Bitsy’s engagement to Jon.  I had a fantastic cheeseburger – Shannon ordered us great wine – and my french fries were to die for.  Staci helped me clean my plate.
5.  Played CatchPhrase as a drinking game at Bitsy, Dean and Taylor’s house.
6.  Wandered around downtown – finally settled on Cutters for a few drinks.

1.  Slept in. 
2.  Retrived car from parking deck.
3.  Dropped new cell phone in puddle. 
4.  Saved new cell phone for destruction by speeding SUV by sacrificing own life. 
5.  Dried off new cell phone with my clothing and hair.  New cell phone is still alive.
6.  Bought new books at Borders with christmas gift card from Brother. 
7.  Visited the nice people at the Clarke County DMV and received new drivers licence to replace lost drivers license. 
8.  Layed around and watched television. 
9.  Went to super fun rager at Ally’s apartment with other awesome law school people I don’t hang out with enough where we played Kings and drank wine and beer and laughed our heads off. 
10.  Made appearance at 283 Bar before catching a ride home with Lindsey.

coming soon. 


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