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Hey Y’all!  I’m still in augusta – I have a dentist appointment on monday morning – so I’m going to be here until then – after which I’ll be heading back to athens!  Yay Classic City!  I haven’t been back to athens since I left almost an entire month ago. 

There are actually a lot of people in augusta right now – which is nice.  I went to lunch with Paige today – and we had a good catch up.  Hopefully we will have even more fun tonight when she gets off work and can come play outside in the bars. 

I have been playing with my parents tivo and running errands and watching netflix movies and eating my mom’s food and playing with my dogs.  It has been nice. Bella is a bad dog.  So it Bo.  Bad dogs.   I don’t want to go back to school.  But I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and acting like a normal person – i.e. not staying up until 4 in the morning playing quarters.  Law School Betsy and I were discussing the other day that a month long christmas break does not afford us enough structure – we become alcoholic space cadets if we aren’t careful. 

Our house is C-O-L-D!  I liked the 70 degree weather we were enjoying earlier in the week better than the cold – even though 70 degree weather in january is kind of creepy. 

OH! And I want to spread the word – I am now a verizon customer – so if you are on verizon leave me a comment so I can know that we are IN!  I’m really excited about my new cell phone and my new carrier – I just have to watch my text messaging and my out of network daytime chatting. 

Y’all should be really proud of me – I got my oil changed today – and I’m getting my teeth cleaned on monday – and I mailed my rent check in – I got my health insurance worked out – I mean – I’m acting almost like a fully functional adult. 

Now I just need to get a new drivers license.  I’m still such a child. 

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