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Back in the Classic City

I got back to Athens yesterday in time to go to Advanced Evidence – which I think is going to be an awesome class. I’m probably going to fail it of course – since it is me and the mock trial team, but whatev.   I didn’t make it to legal profession or law and the legislation – but I did go run and unloaded my car and started cleaning my apartment (I washed a couple loads of laundry too!).  I was planning on getting it all clean today – but I’m running a little behind.  Mostly because I’m a crazy person. 

My schedule really is awesome right now, I’m only taking 9 hours and they all fall into nice time slots.  But for some reason I have this uncontrollable problem at the beginning of every semester where I really want to completely change my schedule.  Which is really not that great of an idea, especially not this semester.  Mostly because half the classes I’m taking are things I MUST take, and the rest of the classes are awesome and give me a great schedule.  Screwing around with it will just end up giving me a less awesome schedule.  But even equipped with this knowledge I still spent all day trying to get into classes that would end up giving me a headache and which aren’t available to me for a reason.

I just took a break from writing this post to talk to Jennifer on the phone and I’m feeling a lot better.  She reminded me that we are being positive in 2006, and that tomorrow is another day, and that I’m not lazy, but that I need to get a hobby this semester or I’ll be sad.  So now I feel better. 

The real dilemma that we worked out is that on Monday and Thursday I only have class from 10-12, on Tuesday 10-2, and no class on Wednesday and Friday except for a minicourse on Wednesdays for six weeks in the middle of the semester.  So, as Jennifer said – that is a lot of no class.  And I’m so much happier when I’m productive. 

Any ideas with what I should do with my semester?  I need structure.  I really want to get a dog.  Dogs are expensive.  But I would really love one.  My mom said that if I get a dog I need to get a dog that doesn’t shed.  I kind of agree. 

In other news, I truly am happy to be back in Athens, in my own space, with all my stuff, and my cute frat neighbors who are playing basketball outside and all the dogs in our neighborhood, and all my sweet law school friends.  I had a fantastic break in Augusta, and I didn’t want to leave, but it feels kind of good to get back into a routine.  I can’t even talk about how this is my last semester. 

My thoughts about what I’m going to do with my life would take a whole other post – but I can say this – my decision to come to law school was a faith based decision, and even time I’ve wondered why I’m hear it has always been an enormous relief to think back and remember that God wanted me to go to law school – and even though I don’t know what he wants me to do this time next year – he knows.  So there is no need for panic.  In the same way that you aren’t being patient if it isn’t something you are longing for, it can’t be faith without some uncertainty and doubt. 

Also – today is my sweet friend Molly’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Molly! Yay!

I promise to be better about updating – now that I’m back in the swing of things!


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