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Go Dawgs!

I’ll be at the basketball game tonight at Stegman Coliseum  with Jill Bateman.  I’m pretty pumped – I haven’t been to a game all year and this one should be a big one!  I know we haven’t had the best lately – but I have faith in our team.  Plus – Kentucky isn’t at it’s finest either.  We even have a better record than they do. 

Georgia v. Kentucky –  9 pm ESPN

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So, apparently my advanced evidence teacher didn’t get the memo that pop quizzes are completely against the law and categorically unfair in law school.  Especially 3rd year.  There are only 3rd years in my class. 








I totally failed it.  And I’m kind of upset. 

OMG!  What is the problem!  I used to be a professional at failing pop quizzes.  No sweat.  Seriously, failing pop quizzes used to be one of my specialties.  I guess today was just the first pop quiz I’ve failed in three or four years.  Maybe I’m losing my touch. 

In other news – the Snickers conspiracy continues. Not only are there no snickers in the vending machines anymore – now there are no snickers in the bookstore candy shop. 

I have complained to Dean Kurtz and the employees at the bookstore candy shop.  The candy shop people I politely asked  them to order more – to which they thanked me for pointing out the need.  Dean Kurtz said that he would look into it and agreed whole heartedly with me that it was a dire situation to which he would devote his whole attention. 

Also – not to be a nerd – but what is the problem with Star 94.1 these days – I used to get good reception in my car but lately I’m just not able to hear the music like I once was – and I kind of miss it. 

Lastly – Christy and I decided yesterday that we would rent a movie and order a pizza.  So Christy picked us up a pizza from little italy and then we both went to Video Warehouse.  But instead of renting a movie like we should have – we decided to rent the first season of 24.  Yep – so instead of committing to a three hour movie – we committed to 24 hours of intense, stress-filled television.  We made it through seven hours yesterday – and I’ve watched three more hours this afternoon by myself.

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