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Sometimes I get cynical and frustrated with dating and relationships, and right now I’m pretty bored if the truth be told, but – I have realized in the past couple of days that there really are some sweet awesome boys laying around, and even though for whatever reason those aren’t the right fit for me, I need to remember they they are there and that I get to interact with a lot of them on a regular basis. 

I guess I have just recently been reminded that some pretty great people think I’m pretty great too and I find that unbelievably comforting and satisfying. 

I can honestly say there is nothing of interest to report on this front, I just wanted to note my appreciation of boys that I have spent time with the in the past who still consider me fondly and boys who I interact with in the present who make me feel special and enjoyable. 

As long as I can remember these things, I can take most any rejection that comes my way, and for that, I am forever indebted.  I don’t even know if those who I am indebted to read my blog, or even if they did, if they would know that I was talking about them, but regardless, thanks. 

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Last night I watched AFI’s 100 movies 100 cheers – or the name was something like that.  Regardless, I really enjoy watching clips from movies that I love.  It was really fun, and I added a few movies to my netflix queue.  Lately I’ve been using netflix for mostly tv on dvd – because I love watching tv shows on dvd – without the commercials and everything, but at the same time I don’t want to buy the seasons because I never watch them again and they are expensive. 

OMG – what am I doing – I totally need to go study.  It stresses me out to be so unproductive.  Seriously, I need to stop downloading televisions shows on iTunes and stop playing on netflix.  Some people have problems on things like the facebook and myspace, not me, I have problems reading excerpts out of books on amazon and google reference and downloading tv shows on itunes and looking for obscure movies on netflix. 

At least myspace and facebook represent the real world on some level instead of the totally fictional world of books and movies that I prefer to bury myself in. 

I need to get a life.

p.s. did you know that fictional was a word?  I feel like it should be fictitious (which is also a word).  But I wrote fictional and didn’t realize it until I re-read the post, and I looked it up on dictionary.com and it says it is a word.  Who knew?  Which one is correct?  Does it matter?  Do I have more pressing concerns in my life right now?  Am I a crazy person?

p.p.s. Okay, I think that fictional is the correct word for the above circumstance.  Fictional is something to do with fiction and stories and stuff, and fictitious is something that is false or for the purpose of deception.  Actually, the more I look at the definitions the more I think I am creating fictitious facts.  I think the words are interchangeable and that I’m just wasting precious time.  I could be laying out in the sun right now.  Gah. 

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