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I’m in augusta, and let me tell you that 200 year old houses are real cute most of the time, 10-15 foot ceilings can be impressive, but in the summertime, when you have a 20 year old air conditioner, it can get kind of hot. 

I went out with Travers and Cash and Lindsay last night – Paige came to meet us when she got off work.  It was fun and weird and interesting.  I was tired.  But before I went to sleep I reveled in being the recipient of  some late night dialing.  Love it. 

My parents woke me up this morning around 7:30 to see if I wanted to go to a 8 am spin class.  I didn’t.  Then my mom came back in my room around 10 and said (keep in mind this is father’s day weekend):

Mama:  "Daddy wants to know if you want to go out on the boat.  Otherwise he says he is just going to go to work."
Me:  " Geeze.   I’m dying of a heat stroke and the allergens are attacking me.  I’m one big histamine.  Leave me alone (I was kidding, but obviously didn’t communicate this well)."
Mama:  "I didn’t come in here for you to fuss at me."  (huffs out of room). 

I mean – obviously I had to go out on the boat.  I’m such a devoted child and I would hate to be the reason why my father worked on saturday.  Gah. 

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon on the Savannah river, directly below Clarks Hill dam, where the water comes out of the bottom of the lake and is icy and unreasonable cold for the air temperature.  So while the sun scorched my shoulders and warmed my hair, my feet tingled and burned in the frigid water.  Bella and Bo went out on the boat with us and I can honestly say I haven’t seen two such happy and contented dogs in a long time.  We drank a few coors lights, because my mom thinks it is sort of unnatural to be out on the boat on a saturday in the summertime and not drink a beer – and I agree. 

I got to see Jennifer for about five seconds on my way home from the river, and I was totally exhausted by the time I got back to the house.  So exhausted that after I watched Georgia lose in the college world series and watch the US hang on to a tie with Italy in the world cup that I had to take a big huge nap on the front porch swing.  It was great. 

I was a big loser and nerd tonight because I was too tired to do much more than eat a bunch of baked spaghetti and drink a glass of wine. 

My parents had to go to my dad’s 40th high school reunion tonight.  Isn’t that weird to think about?

Did I tell you about the new band I’m obsessed with?  They are called the Wreckers.  If you don’t like them then I don’t like you. 

I’m reading The Geographer’s Library currently, and I think it is awesome so far.  I wish I could write a novel.  I hear you need self motivation and organizational skills to complete such tasks.  I wonder if they sell those skills on ebay? I could probably still ask for that for a graduation present.

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