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When my alarm clock goes off in the morning my first thought, every time, is, "What the hell is that noise?!"  My second is, "GAH!  TURN IT OFF!!!

I don’t want to go to barbri today.  DON’T. WANT. TO. GO.  This is only the second day.  Either I’m going to get into a groove and things are going to get better or I’m going to fail the bar.  I always said that I would rather work at burger king for the rest of my life than have to redo my first year of law school, and barbri has the strange sensation of feeling a lot like my first year of law school.  At least it only last 2 months.  I can do anything for two months. 

It is heating up here in the deep south.  Cristina and I ran yesterday and I forget how dehydrated running in the heat makes me, and I am paying for it this morning.  I feel hungover and I haven’t had anything but water to drink since 4 yesterday afternoon and I haven’t had alcohol since sunday at dinner.  Dehydration is the enemy. 

Okay, I’m going back to the mines, I mean, barbri. 

I apologize for the whiny tone of this post.  I promise I’ll perk up soon. 

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So I graduated from law school this weekend.  It was awesome.  I mean – the actual ceremony was hot and long and everything that graduations are suppose to be – but other than that it was an excellent weekend.  It seemed to last a long time – which was good because I wanted to savor it all.  I had some very special friends and family come visit – Betsy, Jennifer, Pete, Travers, Elizabeth, Mama and Daddy.  I spent most of yesterday recovering from the party Saturday night.  I’m an idiot.  But it was so much fun. 

Today I started PMBR.  For those of you who don’t have to be tortured this summer by the bar – PMBR is a study course that focuses on the multistate part of the bar.  I was inside from 9-11 then from 12-3:30.  It was depressing. 

The bar is split into two days.  The first day is the multistate part of the bar – which every person taking the bar in the United States takes.  It consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  In the morning you have three hours to complete the first 100 questions.  Then an hour for lunch.  Then you have three more hours to complete 100 more questions.  Gah.

All I can really say about this is that if you are thinking about going to law school and you are having a nervous breakdown about the LSAT – get a grip, and possibly a new life plan.   I really hate people that stomp on other people’s dreams and I don’t want to be that person, but if you can’t emotionally handle the stress of the LSAT – law school isn’t a good idea for you.    I mean, if you can’t calm down enough to act normal you aren’t going to do well on the test anyway – but all I’m saying is that the sooner you learn to control your stress levels and anxiety the happier you are going to be if you dream of a legal career.  If you aren’t able to work the LSAT into your every day life without making drastic personal sacrifices, I can’t imagine what the bar exam is going to be. 

I’m being repetitive.  Follow your dreams, you can do it.  If I can graduate from law school, you also can graduated from law school.  There, now I feel better about being negative. 

Did I tell y’all that I got a bike?  I got a very pretty Trek hybrid and I so excited about it.  I haven’t had my own bike in over ten years.  I rode it for the first time in Athens today.  I’m still adjusting to it – so I didn’t try to kill myself.  I rode for about an hour – but it was a very leisure ride. 

After spending all day inside it was very refreshing to be outside for a little while.  I’m hoping that biking is going to keep me from going crazy this summer.  How fun will it be when it gets super hot?  So fun.  Biking makes me feel noticeably different than running.  I can’t really explain it, but it is a different feeling.  I worry about my wrists getting sore or my back hurting – like – I worry about not having the right posture while riding.  But I think I’m learning.  Biking makes me really nervous.  I’m scared of getting hit by a car.  I’m scared of eating the concrete.  I’m scared of the chain coming loose while I’m changing gears.  I’m scared my bike is going to fall off the rack while I’m driving.  I feel sure I’m going to get more comfortable with the whole process, but right now I’m nervous. 

Maybe I’m just looking for something to be nervous about besides the bar.  Displaced nervousness.  Dang. 

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I am at the lake with friends soaking up the none sunshine and drinking beer. 

We have been playing a few awesome games like kings, mancala, card golf, beer pong, blah blah blah. 

I don’t have time to tell you about it.  Ally is cooking chili. 

We wish it was warmer, but we might jump into the lake anyway.  I mean, I am part of the polar bear club.  Even though I am allergic to cold water. 

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I thought I liked Faris.  I thought she was super cool and could hang.  I told her I would like her more if she would take a shot of patron, and I thought she would listen.  I was wrong.  Her little sister took a shot of southern comfort and lime with me last night.  I thought Faris would take a swig of ……GAHHHHH SHE IS AFTER ME……

We  have to hit Faris over the head to take the Patron away from her.  She has never had patron before and was trying to pour patron into her margarita left over from son’s.  We told her that was pretty gross.  I mean, Lauren has been helping me.  Lauren is my secret drunk serious heart to heart friend.  Obviously she still is my heart to heart friend. We go way back.  We have spent more sober time together than me and my ex boyfriends.

"It has long been the law in Georgia that a citizen or resident of a municipal corporation if otherwise competent to serve is not incompetent to serve as a juror in a case in which that municipal corporation is a party or is interested."  O.C.G.A.  section 59-7-15.

I am so excited about taking the Georgia bar.  Kubat loves me.  Don’t tell Jessica.  She loves me too.  So don’t tell Kubat.

I can’t wait for everyone to be finished.  Hate y’all.  Call me. 

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I’m Finished!

I turned my last paper in yesterday and I am officially finished with law school.  I mean, I guess there is a chance I might have to fix some things in my paper – or that I failed my exams – but hopefully I am finished. 

And now I don’t rightly know what to do with myself. 

Last night was tons of fun.  I didn’t lose anything and I made it safely home to my own bed in one piece.  Overall, the night was a success.   My head hurts.  I was the first customer to traverse the zaxby’s drive thru this morning and it was beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful – it is absolutely gorgeous outside today.  I should totally be outside.  But I’m still a touch under the weather so I’m not. 

I just watched the first half of the two part pilot episode of the A team.  And I’m officially obsessed.  I’m waiting for the other half to download.   The pilot is titled – Mexican Slayride.  Yay!

Speaking of downloading television shows on itunes, does anyone else think it is ridiculous that half hour shows cost the same as shows that are a full hour?  I refuse to buy episodes of shows such as scrubs because I have to pay full price for only half an hour. 

Did I mention that I’m through with law school?  I’m forever validated.  So if six months from now I decide I want to go work on a cruise ship as a cocktail waitress, people couldn’t say I never did anything with my life.  If I never accomplish another thing for the rest of my life, at least I accomplished this.  No one can ever say that I don’t follow through with things or that I’m afraid of hard work or that I’m lazy.  Is there something wrong with me that I feel like this?  Hmmm….

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I am so glad that other law schools make you just as crazy as this one does. 

Please.  PLEASE – click on this link.

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I’m at the point in my paper where I am making stuff up and saying things like, According to Professor Ron Carlson…..and quoting right out of his  book.

I love making stuff up. 

I hate the bluebook.  I thought I had burned mine after first year – but after some digging I found it this morning. 

Dang.  Pray for me. 

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So, here I am, on my last sunday to ever be studying for law school.  Things aren’t going as great as they could be, I mean, I could be finished already, but they could be going worse.  It is raining, so I don’t want to be outside.  But I really hate scientific evidence at this point, so I REALLY don’t want to be writing my paper either.  Maybe I’ll print some stuff out for my take home final I’m going to fail tomorrow.  Maybe. 

Betsy came to visit me last night.  It was awesome.  We had a couple of mint juleps in honor of the derby

My hair is falling out.  I don’t understand.  I mean, I have TONS of hair, so it isn’t really a problem or a concern, but it just doesn’t normally fall out in such large quantities.  It might be the fact that I stopped brushing it a couple of weeks ago and so when I do actually wash it, it just seems to be falling out more.  Who knows.  All I do know is that it is annoying. 

Jessica came to study with me in the annex today.  We have some great study stories.  I’m always pretty good about post to the ol’ blog during exams.  So here are some old exam posts of the past:

First Year:

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Second Year:

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Third Year

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Good lord, I have problems.  What am I doing?  I have GOT to get to work and stop distracting y’all from all the important things y’all should be doing.  I’m a bad influence on everyone.  If you don’t want to read about finals and instead would like a sampling of the interactions of my friends and family, this post should clear up any questions you ever had about my personality. 

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This is my favorite kind of rain.  The sudden downpour with thunder and lightening and possible hail that happens on warm afternoons. 

This is the kind of rain that makes me want to play in puddles.  Although – this is not a safe activity.  But I love the warm summer rainstorms with huge drops and blowing sheets – when the ground hasn’t cooled off as fast as the air and you can feel the heat still in the asphalt (if you are smart enough to take your shoes off). 

This is the kind of rain that makes all the plants grow while at the same time beating them down. 

I wish it would storm all day. 

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