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So I graduated from law school this weekend.  It was awesome.  I mean – the actual ceremony was hot and long and everything that graduations are suppose to be – but other than that it was an excellent weekend.  It seemed to last a long time – which was good because I wanted to savor it all.  I had some very special friends and family come visit – Betsy, Jennifer, Pete, Travers, Elizabeth, Mama and Daddy.  I spent most of yesterday recovering from the party Saturday night.  I’m an idiot.  But it was so much fun. 

Today I started PMBR.  For those of you who don’t have to be tortured this summer by the bar – PMBR is a study course that focuses on the multistate part of the bar.  I was inside from 9-11 then from 12-3:30.  It was depressing. 

The bar is split into two days.  The first day is the multistate part of the bar – which every person taking the bar in the United States takes.  It consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  In the morning you have three hours to complete the first 100 questions.  Then an hour for lunch.  Then you have three more hours to complete 100 more questions.  Gah.

All I can really say about this is that if you are thinking about going to law school and you are having a nervous breakdown about the LSAT – get a grip, and possibly a new life plan.   I really hate people that stomp on other people’s dreams and I don’t want to be that person, but if you can’t emotionally handle the stress of the LSAT – law school isn’t a good idea for you.    I mean, if you can’t calm down enough to act normal you aren’t going to do well on the test anyway – but all I’m saying is that the sooner you learn to control your stress levels and anxiety the happier you are going to be if you dream of a legal career.  If you aren’t able to work the LSAT into your every day life without making drastic personal sacrifices, I can’t imagine what the bar exam is going to be. 

I’m being repetitive.  Follow your dreams, you can do it.  If I can graduate from law school, you also can graduated from law school.  There, now I feel better about being negative. 

Did I tell y’all that I got a bike?  I got a very pretty Trek hybrid and I so excited about it.  I haven’t had my own bike in over ten years.  I rode it for the first time in Athens today.  I’m still adjusting to it – so I didn’t try to kill myself.  I rode for about an hour – but it was a very leisure ride. 

After spending all day inside it was very refreshing to be outside for a little while.  I’m hoping that biking is going to keep me from going crazy this summer.  How fun will it be when it gets super hot?  So fun.  Biking makes me feel noticeably different than running.  I can’t really explain it, but it is a different feeling.  I worry about my wrists getting sore or my back hurting – like – I worry about not having the right posture while riding.  But I think I’m learning.  Biking makes me really nervous.  I’m scared of getting hit by a car.  I’m scared of eating the concrete.  I’m scared of the chain coming loose while I’m changing gears.  I’m scared my bike is going to fall off the rack while I’m driving.  I feel sure I’m going to get more comfortable with the whole process, but right now I’m nervous. 

Maybe I’m just looking for something to be nervous about besides the bar.  Displaced nervousness.  Dang. 

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