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So, here I am, on my last sunday to ever be studying for law school.  Things aren’t going as great as they could be, I mean, I could be finished already, but they could be going worse.  It is raining, so I don’t want to be outside.  But I really hate scientific evidence at this point, so I REALLY don’t want to be writing my paper either.  Maybe I’ll print some stuff out for my take home final I’m going to fail tomorrow.  Maybe. 

Betsy came to visit me last night.  It was awesome.  We had a couple of mint juleps in honor of the derby

My hair is falling out.  I don’t understand.  I mean, I have TONS of hair, so it isn’t really a problem or a concern, but it just doesn’t normally fall out in such large quantities.  It might be the fact that I stopped brushing it a couple of weeks ago and so when I do actually wash it, it just seems to be falling out more.  Who knows.  All I do know is that it is annoying. 

Jessica came to study with me in the annex today.  We have some great study stories.  I’m always pretty good about post to the ol’ blog during exams.  So here are some old exam posts of the past:

First Year:

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That time I came really close to losing my mind…

Second Year:

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Third Year

What exams do for my decision making skills

Oh how the days run together
The beauty of being finished

Good lord, I have problems.  What am I doing?  I have GOT to get to work and stop distracting y’all from all the important things y’all should be doing.  I’m a bad influence on everyone.  If you don’t want to read about finals and instead would like a sampling of the interactions of my friends and family, this post should clear up any questions you ever had about my personality. 

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