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The Farm

Last night we went to the farm for a mojito.  I shouldn’t drink mojitos because lime juice makes me feel rather ill, but I like mojitos.  Regardless – the Farm has been awesome lately because the weather has been so amazing – and I really like the bands that play there. 

Last week we at dinner there and the band was great – although I can’t now remember who they were – but last night I liked the band enough to buy their cd. 

The band was called Rising Appalachia – and I love this sort of music – two girls – Leah and Chloe – banjo, fiddle, and I think they had a guy who played some sort of drums with them – but the two girls were the main part.  It was great – I love the people I was with, the weather couldn’t have been better – we were outside, the music was amazing, and the moon was shining down on us from above.  Live banjo and fiddle music absolutely captivates me.

I wish we had gotten there earlier – because we only caught the end of the show – but if you ever get a chance to hear these girls live – do it – I highly recommend.  The two girls are sisters.  Check out their myspace if you get a chance.  I love being able to listen to bands on myspace. 

These girls seem cool.  Oh – and if I am getting the right idea from their website – they like to play with fire.  Hah – how fun.  I want to have a party with fire dancers.   Maybe on 10-10-10. 

I’m not terribly musical – but I did play the violin when I was little for many years and I also spent a great deal of my childhood – I would say a good 15 years of it – in choir at church.  And my church took choir very seriously.  Music is hard!  So – although I don’t have any musical talents/skills myself – at the very least I have a great appreciation for people who have mastered the skill – no matter how naturally talented they are.   

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