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Dream update

Last night I dreamed I was playing with a bunch of puppies.  So maybe my stress level is improving. 

But I did that thing where you never feel like you are asleep – I tossed and turned for what seemed like an hour and then all the sudden it was 6:30 in the morning.  I’m not as tired as I was yesterday so I guess my sleep was more restful than I anticipated. 

Elizabeth and I have been running.  When we first started running together a couple of weeks ago we both felt like we were dying.  But yesterday we had a great run.  The first 25 minutes of our run is mostly uphill, and the last ten minutes of our run is downhill and flat, and then we walk for ten minutes.  We are training for a half marathon and will be adding distance sometime in the near distant future.  I hope my knees make it. 

Friday I ran with Faris on the trails in athens, which was awesome.  I told her a long drawn out story about a boy I know and she listened indulgently.  Then we went and bought make up. 

Ralphie came to Georgia, and the dawgs almost didn’t make it out alive.  I had serious doubts about the outcome of the game, but I’m proud of the dawgs for pulling through.  Joe Cox impressed me while the rest of the team scared me to death. 

Speaking of being scared to death, how about the 7:45 kick off for the Tennessee game in Athens?  Wow.  OHHHH AND I THINK LIBBY IS GOING TO BE IN TOWN FOR THE GAME!!!!  GET SO EXCITED!

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So there is going to be a buffalo ‘tween the hedges this weekend.  I’m pumped.  I’m not sure how we convinced Colorado to bring Ralphie, because apparently she doesn’t travel very often, but she is coming.  I think she is suppose to be here tonight or tomorrow morning, because they are going to do a practice run.  Her handlers said she only runs into stationary objects sometimes.  Sweet.  This is the direct quote:

Ralphie IV has run into our fake mascot a couple of times, but that’s been because he wasn’t paying attention," Frei said. "Those have been the only close calls, and fortunately nobody got hurt."

Good to know.  She only weighs 900 pounds.  Lots of people want to talk about her trip. 

I just called ole John Bateman to ask him about this comment in the AJC:

"Their team will come out of the northeast corner and go right to their sideline on the north side, pretty much a direct shot," said UGA athletic marketing director John Bateman. "Ralphie will steer clear of any pregame groups on the field such as our band, cheerleaders and players — and Uga, too."

That is a pretty big promise John.  I left a message on his cell phone so hopefully he will call me back.  And hopefully Ralphie won’t hurt anybody.  I’ll be there to watch though – I can tell you that.  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA.

Ralphie has nothing on Uga, the most awesome of all football mascots. 


This is a Bateman quote I can comfortably stand behind:

"It’s David and Goliath," said Bateman of the mascots’ sizes. "But what’s that old saying, ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog’? Uga’s going to stand up tall on Saturday."

Uga1 028_uga_gday


I’d put money on the fact that Uga is better with children than Ralphie. 

I’m so excited about another football game, I’m not sure I can talk about it.  So.  Excited. 

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Sometimes my dreams freak me out

I have really wacked out dreams.  I think I’ve always had crazy dreams, but when I am under a lot of stress they can be awful.  Like – during law school exams I had terrible dreams.  Mostly about not being able to find the classroom where my take home final is suppose to be turned in, or about my laptop breaking, or about teachers yelling at me.  These dreams are very repetitive and always start off in a similar fashion.  I read somewhere that having crazy dreams is actually good for you – that it is a way for your brain to subconscious deal with stress.  Okay, I can believe that.  And I don’t know what the whole deal about people not dreaming in color is – but I can say for one that my dreams are always in color.  I have trouble remembering whether something happened in real life or in a dream sometimes, although I would say about half the time my dreams are bizarre enough that there is no question about the reality of the memory. 

Normally the dreams that really frighten me are the ones where really bad things happen to people in my life – like I dream someone is really sick or dead, or whatever.  Those are the dreams I never repeat to anyone because I’ve found that if I don’t tell anyone about the dream, I will forget it completely after a while – but the serious dreams I tell people about I always remember. 

Last night wasn’t realistic, but it freaked me out anyway and I just remembered it.  If you don’t want to think I’m crazy – you might want to stop reading here. 

I dreamed that I was having my blood drawn – I wasn’t giving blood – I was having my blood drawn for a test – I don’t know what test or why.  Anyway, the person drawing my blood didn’t really know what they were doing.  Anyone who has given blood a lot or had much blood work done knows that if the right person draws your blood it doesn’t hurt at all, but if the person doesn’t know what they are doing it can hurt A LOT and leave a huge bruise that makes you look like a heroin addict. 

This person drawing my blood was really nervous, for whatever reason.  And I was too.  Blood doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind giving blood at all.  Needles don’t scare me, shots are not a big deal, etc.  And I am one of those sick people who likes to watch while I’m being stuck.  I don’t know why, I’m just sort of curious.  But in my dream I was scared to death.  I couldn’t look, I couldn’t watch, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Also, the girl who drew my blood left me in the middle of it, like when you are giving blood, but the little vial only takes a second to fill up, so I was sitting there with the needle in my arm.  So I take out the needle and the little vial and I try to figure out what to do next, but it was all very confusing and there was no one around.  And my arm was still bleeding.  I couldn’t find a band-aid. 

OMG – if you didn’t think I was certified looney toons before, I’m sure you do now.  Obviously I have a lot of anxiety dreams, but this one is ridiculous.  I haven’t had my blood drawn or given blood in over a year.  Probably closer to two years. 

My subconscious needs to get a grip on reality. 

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AOL Blog

I have two reasons why I love the aol football blog

This one


And that one. 


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The Salt Mines

So I started my job.  And I like it a lot.  And I’m not going to blog much about it, simply because I don’t think it is appropriate, y’all don’t really want to hear about it, and my blog has never been heavy on reality.  Work = reality as far as I’m concerned. 

But I will tell you a couple of things.  I have my own office.  With a window.  On a high floor, so I can see out over the city.  I have a flat screen monitor.  And a bunch of papers I don’t know what to do with yet and some blank walls.  I need to get some decorations.  My office is tucked away in a corner with another girl who I graduated from law school with and who can be my partner in crime.  We are going to have fun.   

I run into a lot of people I knew a long time ago, especially high school.  Which is fun, and frustrating, because I forget names a lot and it has been a long time. 

I like it.  I’m happy so far.  I’m going to Athens this weekend, which will be awesome.  I’ll keep y’all posted. 

Oh, and I’m working to upload the rest of my pictures from my trip out west – but the internet was not cooperating last night.  But don’t worry, I won’t let the computer win. 

I’m off to be productive, wish me luck!

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Erk Russell died yesterday morning.  Here is what my father had to say in an email yesterday about the legend:

My old football
coach, Erk Russell, died today in Statesboro and will be greatly missed.
As the defensive coordinator and special teams coach for Georgia in the 60’s, he groomed me with a
lot of special attention for my initial playing duty at Georgia, which
was to be a suicide spear on the special teams.  He always had lots of
funny nicknames and called the kick-off team the “KKK” –
Krazy Kickoff Koverers.  Several times I lucky enough to be awarded Erk’s
“KKK Award” for the game week, which in those days entitled you to
a gift certificate at Dick Ferguson’s Mens Store downtown (and which
would certainly violate NCAA rules today).    

Erk was a man’s
man who loved to smoke a cigar and drink beer.   He was a classical
larger-than-life guy who nobody ever thought would die.  Tough as hell, he
used to butt his head with our helmets when we first ran on the field at
Sanford Stadium before a game, and he would end up at kick-off with blood
streaming down his face, standing on the sidelines and glaring across the field
at the enemy.  He was a master joke-teller and although he liked to laugh,
he would only occasionally laugh at his own jokes.   Quick-witted and
sharp, he was never a bully and was truly loved by his players.  Many, many
Erk memories will remain with our teammates for the rest of their lives, as he
made a lasting impression on anyone who knew him.  For example, in our
training room in the Coliseum was a steam bath that was popular with all the
players and coaches.  After practices Coach Russell used to regularly strut
across the training room butt naked into the steam bath, with a cigar and holding
only a towel and razor.  He would then enjoy the steam bath, while shaving
his bald head and talking to players with his cigar hanging out of his mouth.  What
a man!  <!–


Coach Erk\nRussell was a master when it came to teamwork. He told us lots of great\njokes and football stories, but always emphasized the teamwork theme. Coach\nRussell liked to emphasize the “team” over the “individual”\nconcept. The team relies on everyone\’s working together; that\’s what\nleads to national championships. You not only have to have good players,\nyou have to have players that "play good" together. Coach Russell\nsaid that he could not overemphasize the value of working together, nor the\nvalue of having a sense of humor and being lucky. He often said that he\nwould rather be lucky than good. He believed that luck plays a\nrole, but that the harder you work, the luckier you were.


Coach Russell\’s\ntraining rules were simple and uncomplicated: work hard on the field and keep\nup good communications off the field. For a team to perform well, every\nmember has to work hard and rely on every other member of the team. He\nalso respected that fact that the help and support of others not on the team is\nvery important to success.


Still sounds\nlike a good template for the success of any endeavor, particularly business. \nGod Bless Erk\nand his family.


Trav Paine




Coach Erk
Russell was a master when it came to teamwork.  He told us lots of great
jokes and football stories, but always emphasized the teamwork theme.  Coach
Russell liked to emphasize the “team” over the “individual”
concept.  The team relies on everyone’s working together; that’s what
leads to national championships.  You not only have to have good players,
you have to have players that "play good" together.  Coach Russell
said that he could not overemphasize the value of working together, nor the
value of having a sense of humor and being lucky.  He often said that he
would rather be lucky than good.   He believed that luck plays a
role, but that the harder you work, the luckier you were.

Coach Russell’s
training rules were simple and uncomplicated: work hard on the field and keep
up good communications off the field.  For a team to perform well, every
member has to work hard and rely on every other member of the team.  He
also respected that fact that the help and support of others not on the team is
very important to success.

Still sounds
like a good template for the success of any endeavor, particularly business.
God Bless Erk
and his family.

Daddy also sent me a bunch of great Erk quotes – here are my favorites:

wouldn’t allow them to put names on the back of our jerseys. We had to sell

recruiting budget at Georgia
Southern was $200 our first year. I had just left Georgia, whose recruiting budget
was a quarter of a million dollars. And as I drove down the Woodpecker Trail,
trying to touch base with people in Claxton and Alma and Jesup and Ludowici,
sometimes I wondered, "What have you done?"

brotherhood of football … is the strongest brotherhood known to man as far as
I’m concerned.

South, to me, is fried chicken and catfish caviar — that’s grits — and
good-looking women.

We had a
group of about eight boys in the Navy, all from the South — South
Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi. In the
barracks we took the corner, drew a line, said, "No Yankees" across
this. We didn’t really mean it, but they thought we did.

You know
what a consultant is, don’t you? A consultant is a guy that knows 100 different
sex positions but doesn’t know a woman.

My dad
always had a job that he really didn’t relish getting up and going to every
day. He said, "Boy" — that’s all he ever called me — he said,
"Boy, you do something that you enjoy doing."

I was
taught better at home than to be disrespectful to anybody.

The Bulldawg nation and the football world at large mourns the loss of this amazing coach and man.  Here is the AJC articleA lot of people in the blog world have their own memories and thoughtsThoughts, and more thoughts on ole Erk.  It breaks my heart.

Update:  My family went to the funeral in Statesboro last Sunday.  It was amazing.  I’ve never seen so many grown men in tears in my life.  The attendance was impressive.  Tons of his old players, Mark Richt, Damien Evans, Vince Dooley, Sonny Perdue, Billy Payne, the list went on and on.  It was a true testament to an amazing person. 

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My Favorite View


This was in the Teton National Park at the Chapel of the Transfiguration – a precious Episcopal Chapel that made me want to act right and be a better person. 

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See Y’all Soon. 

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