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Dream update

Last night I dreamed I was playing with a bunch of puppies.  So maybe my stress level is improving. 

But I did that thing where you never feel like you are asleep – I tossed and turned for what seemed like an hour and then all the sudden it was 6:30 in the morning.  I’m not as tired as I was yesterday so I guess my sleep was more restful than I anticipated. 

Elizabeth and I have been running.  When we first started running together a couple of weeks ago we both felt like we were dying.  But yesterday we had a great run.  The first 25 minutes of our run is mostly uphill, and the last ten minutes of our run is downhill and flat, and then we walk for ten minutes.  We are training for a half marathon and will be adding distance sometime in the near distant future.  I hope my knees make it. 

Friday I ran with Faris on the trails in athens, which was awesome.  I told her a long drawn out story about a boy I know and she listened indulgently.  Then we went and bought make up. 

Ralphie came to Georgia, and the dawgs almost didn’t make it out alive.  I had serious doubts about the outcome of the game, but I’m proud of the dawgs for pulling through.  Joe Cox impressed me while the rest of the team scared me to death. 

Speaking of being scared to death, how about the 7:45 kick off for the Tennessee game in Athens?  Wow.  OHHHH AND I THINK LIBBY IS GOING TO BE IN TOWN FOR THE GAME!!!!  GET SO EXCITED!

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