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Sometimes my dreams freak me out

I have really wacked out dreams.  I think I’ve always had crazy dreams, but when I am under a lot of stress they can be awful.  Like – during law school exams I had terrible dreams.  Mostly about not being able to find the classroom where my take home final is suppose to be turned in, or about my laptop breaking, or about teachers yelling at me.  These dreams are very repetitive and always start off in a similar fashion.  I read somewhere that having crazy dreams is actually good for you – that it is a way for your brain to subconscious deal with stress.  Okay, I can believe that.  And I don’t know what the whole deal about people not dreaming in color is – but I can say for one that my dreams are always in color.  I have trouble remembering whether something happened in real life or in a dream sometimes, although I would say about half the time my dreams are bizarre enough that there is no question about the reality of the memory. 

Normally the dreams that really frighten me are the ones where really bad things happen to people in my life – like I dream someone is really sick or dead, or whatever.  Those are the dreams I never repeat to anyone because I’ve found that if I don’t tell anyone about the dream, I will forget it completely after a while – but the serious dreams I tell people about I always remember. 

Last night wasn’t realistic, but it freaked me out anyway and I just remembered it.  If you don’t want to think I’m crazy – you might want to stop reading here. 

I dreamed that I was having my blood drawn – I wasn’t giving blood – I was having my blood drawn for a test – I don’t know what test or why.  Anyway, the person drawing my blood didn’t really know what they were doing.  Anyone who has given blood a lot or had much blood work done knows that if the right person draws your blood it doesn’t hurt at all, but if the person doesn’t know what they are doing it can hurt A LOT and leave a huge bruise that makes you look like a heroin addict. 

This person drawing my blood was really nervous, for whatever reason.  And I was too.  Blood doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind giving blood at all.  Needles don’t scare me, shots are not a big deal, etc.  And I am one of those sick people who likes to watch while I’m being stuck.  I don’t know why, I’m just sort of curious.  But in my dream I was scared to death.  I couldn’t look, I couldn’t watch, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Also, the girl who drew my blood left me in the middle of it, like when you are giving blood, but the little vial only takes a second to fill up, so I was sitting there with the needle in my arm.  So I take out the needle and the little vial and I try to figure out what to do next, but it was all very confusing and there was no one around.  And my arm was still bleeding.  I couldn’t find a band-aid. 

OMG – if you didn’t think I was certified looney toons before, I’m sure you do now.  Obviously I have a lot of anxiety dreams, but this one is ridiculous.  I haven’t had my blood drawn or given blood in over a year.  Probably closer to two years. 

My subconscious needs to get a grip on reality. 

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