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So there is going to be a buffalo ‘tween the hedges this weekend.  I’m pumped.  I’m not sure how we convinced Colorado to bring Ralphie, because apparently she doesn’t travel very often, but she is coming.  I think she is suppose to be here tonight or tomorrow morning, because they are going to do a practice run.  Her handlers said she only runs into stationary objects sometimes.  Sweet.  This is the direct quote:

Ralphie IV has run into our fake mascot a couple of times, but that’s been because he wasn’t paying attention," Frei said. "Those have been the only close calls, and fortunately nobody got hurt."

Good to know.  She only weighs 900 pounds.  Lots of people want to talk about her trip. 

I just called ole John Bateman to ask him about this comment in the AJC:

"Their team will come out of the northeast corner and go right to their sideline on the north side, pretty much a direct shot," said UGA athletic marketing director John Bateman. "Ralphie will steer clear of any pregame groups on the field such as our band, cheerleaders and players — and Uga, too."

That is a pretty big promise John.  I left a message on his cell phone so hopefully he will call me back.  And hopefully Ralphie won’t hurt anybody.  I’ll be there to watch though – I can tell you that.  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA.

Ralphie has nothing on Uga, the most awesome of all football mascots. 


This is a Bateman quote I can comfortably stand behind:

"It’s David and Goliath," said Bateman of the mascots’ sizes. "But what’s that old saying, ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog’? Uga’s going to stand up tall on Saturday."

Uga1 028_uga_gday


I’d put money on the fact that Uga is better with children than Ralphie. 

I’m so excited about another football game, I’m not sure I can talk about it.  So.  Excited. 

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