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Christmas Carols

Kat tagged me in the Christmas Song Game, and I love games.  I love Christmas music – but I don’t LOVE christmas music.  Like – it makes me really happy, but not on the radio before thanksgiving.  And it irritates me when certain radio stations go completely christmas for six weeks.  Please.  There is no need for that.

Following directions has never been my strong point – so I am going to tell you about a christmas album, a christmas DVD, and a few songs. 

If you are looking for a good, different christmas album – you should download the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album on itunes or buy it on amazon.  I downloaded a lot of the songs last christmas when they were free – but I think I am going to buy the whole album because it has so many songs and I can honestly say this is the first christmas album I’ve ever listened to that I really and truly loved every song.  I looked at the site where I downloaded the songs but the link is broken, so I guess you will have to pay for it.  GO GET IT.  My favorite songs are – That Was the Worst Christmas Ever and Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!

My dad loves watching concerts on DVD.  I apologize to anyone who has been forced to watch a concert on DVD with my dad.  I kind of enjoy it, as long as I have a glass of wine or my laptop to distract me.  Well, A Gala Christmas in Vienna is a favorite in the Paine household.  It really does have some amazing music.  The only creepy thing about it is that you can see through Sarah Brightman’s dress most of the DVD.  There is also Our Favorite Things – Christmas in Vienna which gets it’s fair share of screen time. 

I love Carol of the Bells, in any language, version, whatever.  I love the words, I love the rhythm, it is just one of my very favorite songs.  It is also very popular so I get to hear it all the time on the radio. 

O Holy Night is probably my favorite hymn, but there is something about Joy to the World – with all it’s verses that makes me happy.  It is like while you are singing Joy to the World – Christmas will never be over. 

Y’all know how I feel about Dolly – so Hard Candy Christmas will also have to be on my list.  Actually a very depressing song, but what ev.  I love Dolly. 

That’s all I’ve got.  I guess I have to tag some people.  Hmmmm…..who will participate?

Faris, Pete, Betsy, TSC Girl, and Jeremy.

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It’s the Law

Update:  I want to make sure that everyone notices the words scratched into the paint on the left side of georgia – from about Atlanta to Columbus.  This is the part that makes the picture so awesome.  I don’t think it is as obvious as I originally thought.  Okay – now comment on that. 

I walk past this sign every day.  I think it is really funny, especially due to it’s proximity to the courthouse. I know my sense of humor has deteriorated since I went to law school, so I apologize.  Meg knows what I’m talking about. Dsc00917

Obviously I would never say such a thing, but I won’t claim that the  sentiment hasn’t ever  crossed my mind.   If you can’t read it, you should just be glad I haven’t been able to pollute your mind this morning. 

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