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The free download of the week is That was the Worst Christmas Ever! on the Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album.  And I was just telling y’all the other day that it was awesome. 

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Work it, Work it

I LOVE the skirt I have on today.  And the boots.  Love, Love, Love.  Can’t even tell you how much having on clothes I feel great about affects my mood. 

I want to wear this skirt every day.  I wore it to a party last weekend.  I might wear it to every other party I go to from here on out. 

It is festive – red felt and it swishes when I walk.  I look GOOOD.  And I can’t even start with my boots.  They are heaven. 

Of course I ran my hose (that I opened this morning) before I even made it to work.  Oh well. 

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