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My mom called me this morning and asked me if I had her car.  Confused, I said, no, I did not have her car.  I did, though, see her car in the backyard yesterday afternoon around six. 

My mom said it had been there last night, and POOF this morning, it wasn’t there anymore. 

So apparently, someone walked down our driveway and into our backyard and stole my mom’s car last night. 

My mom called me a little while later and asked me if I had by chance gotten my dry cleaning out of her car when I was over there yesterday. 

Nope.  Didn’t occur to me.  I knew she was picking some stuff up, but I totally forgot. 

So my favorite clothes were all in the car.  My nice dress pants, my cashmere sweaters I’ve been collecting for years, that I was getting cleaned before I stored them for the summer….SIGH. 

And I know insurance will pay for them.  But still.  I liked those clothes.  They were special. 

It makes me realize how people feel when their houses burn down and stuff.  I mean, not really, obviously.  But, to a very small extent, I see what it is like to lose stuff you really liked.  And I wish I was more enlightened and didn’t care about stuff and knew that it was just STUFF, and I do understand all that. 

Then again I felt good in those clothes, and there is something to be said for having clothes that make you feel good. 

And I know some people love to shop.  I don’t mind shopping.  I like getting stuff I need and feel good about.  But I would also rather have one nice thing and wear it over and over than have four sort of nice things.  I like to have a small collection of choice pieces.  It takes time to find those pieces, and it takes time to get them altered, and find the right shoes, etc.  The details are what I find difficult. 

Really I’m just bitching and complaining.  I’ll be over it soon.  I guess. 

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Good Morning!

I dreamed I punched someone in the face last night.  I’ve never punched someone in the face in my life.  In my dream I was concerned because it didn’t hurt my hand that much when I punched them and I guess I’ve always heard that it really hurts your hand when you punch someone in the face. 

Honestly, more of my dream was devoted to the fact that I wasn’t hurt by it than who I actually punched in the face and what happened to them.  I came to the conclusion that I must not have punched them hard enough if it didn’t hurt my hand.  Great.  Maybe I’ll try harder next time I get in a fist fight in my dream. 

It was cold here at the beginning of the week but it is warming up nicely and the days are flying by.  Which is exciting because the Masters will be here before I know it!!!  I’m so excited.  Part of the fun of it is the anticipation.  Last year I got a little burned out by the weekend so hopefully I can get it together and not burn out. 

Briscoe needs a bath real bad.  Oh, and I got my hair cut yesterday.  I really like it. 

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