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There is a tremendous weed growing out of a storm gutter on the street I drive down every morning.  I’ve been watching it grow for about a month now, and it’s about 5* feet tall at this point.  Every time we get a good soaking rain, I can almost see it growing.  Part of me has been sort of rooting for this giant weed.  I like the idea of nature taking over in the chinks of the concrete, refusing to let the “progress” of man stomp out the burning desire of a plant to grown big and tall.  But another part of me, a part of me that fights constantly with the nature loving side of me, sees the weed as an enemy. 

And it’s all I can do to not pull over on the side of the road in my heels and get the round up I bought at Lowes two weeks ago and never took out of the back of my car and teach that overgrown invasive species a lesson in chemical warfare. 

My mind is a battle field.


* I put 4 feet earlier but then I drove by it again at lunch, and it’s definitely 5 feet tall.

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