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I like to sit on my front porch after work with a beer and watch people.  Our street gets a surprising amount of foot traffic.  Briscoe thinks this is awesome.  I really like my neighborhood, even if we have a vague suspicion that one neighbor is a drug dealer.  They get a lot of visitors who only stay for 10-15 minutes.  We’ve starting writing down license plates so we can document how many times certain cars come by.  On Saturday night there were 10-15 cars that stopped by for short periods of time.  Our neighborhood watch signs have been improved by some of the hooligans with extra signs that say – WE BE SNITCHIN’.   We just want to live up to their expectations. 

I have finally hung my diplomas on the walls at my office, and added some pretty artwork that makes me happy, and my office is finally starting to look like MY OFFICE.  Which is good, since I’ve been there for an entire year.  Isn’t that crazy?

This week last year, I took the South Carolina Bar.  Then I went to Charleston and we went to the Amos Lee concert.  I can’t believe that was a whole year ago.  It seems like two months ago.  Sometimes it frightens me how quickly time passes.  And sometimes it frightens me how long a day (or a night especially) can lasts. 

I like to look back at what I was strung out about today, a year ago.  And what I was excited about, and who had me all in a swivet.  Often, it’s extremely difficult to remember.  What I find even more interesting than my difficulty to recall, is how quickly things change.  How I can look back and think, Man, that drove me crazy for months, but then one day, something else happened, and all those months of worry disappeared and it was almost like they never happened.  It’s such a weird thing to observe from a year out.  Of course, most events that cause such a change come with their own set of worries and disasters, but for right now, I’m just reveling in the fluid quality of life and how you should enjoy today and not let your worries get you down because for all you know, it could be 100 times better or a 100 times worst tomorrow, and either way, today is to be enjoyed.

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