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(this is a stand up comedy clip, and as such, it includes curse words, so maybe don’t blare it at work with your speakers on in your cube.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry.)

As mentioned previously, I have pretty low standards when it comes to television.  I only need one of the two following requirements – 1.  I want to be told a story for an hour or 2.  I want to laugh for 30 minutes.  Side note, I’m not particularly interested in reality television, but I occasionally make exceptions.  Especially historically significant events like NIk Wallenda’s nauseating tight rope walk on Sunday night.  (I for real thought he was going to fall the whole time, I was a wreck).

Deep down, I have a sincere love for TNT and USA dramas.  Burn Notice and Las Vegas are two shows I’ve never actually watched, but if I listed all of the shows that I have seen, you might be concerned.  Let’s just say that Harris and I have a lot in common, including a love for Cinnabon.  I’m not particularly short or chubby, or Indian, or a teenage boy, but other than that, me and Harris are basically the same.  

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