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I woke up this morning to the most beautiful day ever, and it was a couple of hours into my day before I realized why I loved this day so much. It is September 9th. Now, some people might see no reason why September 9th should be exciting, but it is 9/9. And I love all dates that are the same number twice. My birthday is 10/10, my mom’s birthday is 5/5, Emily’s birthday is 8/8, I know there are lots of other people whose birthdays are also double digits, I just can’t remember them now. As a child I had a really hard time remembering which came first, the date or the month when you wrote a date with the slashes (/), because as far as my birthday was concerned, it didn’t matter. Maybe I just always wanted to be European and couldn’t make up my mind. I think I have it under control now, but I still have slip ups, I think it is a mental block. So everyone should be super excited about the fact that it is 9/9, go outside, and enjoy this wonderful weather (unless of course you live somewhere that it is raining, sorry Libby).

Appel is being really nice today and just lecturing and not calling on anyone. I really hope he doesn’t start calling on me, because I am totally lost, but I am interested in CERCLA and superfund, I am just behind in my reading and don’t know what is going on. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays, because Environmental law and Trust and Estates are my favorite classes. Really, I am in quite a gushing mood, I might have to keep going with the happiness for a while and tell you some more things that I love.

I love getting clean towels out of the dryer, it makes me think of when I was little and my mom would throw clean hot towels on me when I was sitting on the sofa. The warmth, the smell, the great feeling of clean towels. I love this.

I love laying in the grass in my backyard with my dogs on a warm day while they run around and step on me. Bo and Bella both like to roll in the grass and jump up and rush at me and jump in my lap. When the wind is blowing and the sunshine coming through the trees is shifting in the breeze and the air smells like grass and black dirt and acorns and pine straw, I don’t want for anything.

Okay, class is over and I am finished with gushing for right now, I’m sure it might happen again because it such a wonderful day and I am such a fantabulous mood. kisses.

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