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Note to self and others

When you know that you are going to be called on in a class (because the teacher ended with you last time, and this is how he does things), don’t eat your sandwich and play on the internet during his lecture. He will call on you, and you will be eating, and then you won’t know what is going on. Oh, and read the statute that you know you are going to have to talk about BEFORE class. They are harder to read on the spot. You don’t sound as intelligent.

In addition, if you strongly suspect you are going to be called on in class (because you are the only person in the class that hasn’t been called on yet), and you went to the trouble to read the material, finish the drill by bothering to pay attention to this lecture. That way, when he calls on you, you can sound enthralled (or at the very least, interested), instead of acting like you are lost and have no idea what he is talking about. I mean, if you are going to act like you don’t know what is going on when you get called on, don’t bother to read the cases. Honestly I think I do better when I don’t even read. Well, that isn’t true, but I don’t think my performance in class when I have read reflects the time I put into the reading. The greatest thing about being a 2L is that no one in your class is paying attention to the teacher, much less to what you are saying, so when you say dumb stuff, no one cares because they didn’t hear you. But the teacher knows. And they remember because they are stupid smart and they remember everything, including what you said when they called on you four months ago.

(I haven’t really been called on all semester, but yesterday I was called on in Evironmental Law and Workers Comp, which I have back to back.  awesome.)

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