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I am happily piled up in my own bed, and after sleeping on a good old friends sofa last night, it is nice to be in the bed. I got to hang out with my high school favorite friends Leigh and Jennifer yesterday and it was so good to see them and just remember the dumb things we used to do. Here are some of the things we came up with:

1. Since we were all cheerleaders (Jennifer and I were both captain, she is a year older than me and leigh), at the basketball games we would commentate. Leigh and I sat next to each other the whole season one year and had imaginary headphones and microphones that we would talk into. This was amazingly enough a constant source of amusement, and a very fond memory. We felt the need to do a little commentating last night when we watched Ga Tech win the football lottery against Clemson.

2. Jennifer had a travel game of connect four, and she and I could play connect four for hours. For some reason our basketball coach wouldn’t let the players talk on the bus on the way to the games, and since we played lots of teams 2 hours away from augusta (not that augusta doesn’t have enough high schools within the county (I think there are 12), but maybe the georgia high school association though it would be fun to waste gas having us drive to Statesboro, Dublin, and Swainsboro; more understandable were Thomson and Burke County, but still), and Jennifer and I decided that we could play connect four in silence. This was only the beginning of course because we kept playing connnect four, through a couple more football (where the cheerleaders got their own bus) and a few more basketball seasons. I promise anyone that doesn’t think connect four is a fun game is an idiot and hasn’t played it enough. It takes pure skill.

3. We discussed how fun it was to go to school all day long and not learn a thing except how to survive in the halls without getting hurt. We decided that this made us much more well rounded individuals.

4. We decided that it was gross that there were only about 4 places we would eat, and we ate at these places numerous times a week. The places consisted of Teresa’s (the best mexican restauraunt in America and one of my favorite places in the world), Bojangles (Biscuits all day!), Dairy Queen (we used to hang out at dairy queen on the weekends. come to think about it, we also used to hang out at Bojangles, until they started arresting people for loitering, you had to buy something, but they would let you smoke inside, how gross is that?), and Zaxby’s (anyone that knows me understands).

on the subject of gross things we used to do with food, we would go to tennis practice from 2:45-3:30 (the tennis team wasn’t real serious), go to Dairy Queen and pick up a blizzard, eat it real fast, change shoes, and go to soccer practice from 4-6. How gross is that? But we ate so many blizzards that we had built up a tolerance. Like those people who drink alcohol first thing in the morning (you know, lawyers), they have the tolerance. Or you might say they have a problem. Well, I used to be addicted to Dairy Queen Blizzards. Either reeses peanut butter cup or snickers, sometimes oreo, and I did go through a reeses pieces phase. I love chocolate basically. I can’t imagine how much money I spent on blizzards. I could have probably been a smoker for cheaper. Okay, I could tell you stories about my Dairy Queen for hours, but I will stop now because it could be its own entry.

Oh, and like everyone in high school, we used to do drive-bys. If you don’t know what they are, you were never in high school. Okay, enough reminiscing. Kisses.

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