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a Brand New World

I failed my eye exam a couple of weeks ago. Which is always distressing. My eyes went from -3.25 to -3.75. Because I haven’t had a car, it has taken me a while to get new contacts. But I got my car back today (Yeah!) and I also got new contacts. I am a new person. You never realize what you can’t see until you can see. The leaves on the trees are so detailed. So even though I drank a little too much beer last night (in celebration of the baseball game – I love sporting events) and it is a little dreary outdoors and I need to wash my hair- I am feeling renewed. I am mobile again and I can see – which is oh so important. Last night I had a blast – Jessica and Gina and Christine are my new best friends. I love my new first years. Oh, and I also love David, Josh and Scott. And I am awesome at pool.

On another note, I got called on this morning. First she called on Miss Payne. Miss Erin Payne. And I felt like I had dodged a bullet . Then she proceeded to address Miss Paine. Miss Charlsie Paine. And I began to shake. Thankfully I had a great outline that included the hypo on which I was being quizzed (since I didn’t read the material). We were discussing elective share – and professor was impressed by my quick mathematical skills – when in reality I possess no mathematical skills and she just never changes her hypos. I mean, the outline is from three years ago – you would think they might switch something up. I got to be the common law and switch between being the incompetent spouse and the competent spouse – the incompetent spouse can’t elect to take the elective share because you have to be competent to be able to elect. I’m learning, I’m learning. Now, lets cross-reference RCRA and the Clean Water Act. Are lead bullets a point source? Appel says that lead is not necessary to blow things up, but it is cheap. I think I am going to do the crossword.

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