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How is that you can go for such a long time and never notice something and then once you do notice it – you can’t stop thinking about it – or noticing it – and you don’t understand how you never noticed it before?

Why are the stars so much brighter when it is cold outside?

Why do the coffee people at coffee shops like to put so much foam on the top of lattes? Does anyone actually like the foam? What is the purpose of the foam?

How come I love to play free cell during finals?

Law students will do anything to avoid studying – which includes talking to people that they don’t know very well, or don’t like, or don’t know at all, or just don’t normally talk to. Striking up a conversation with a perfect stranger is much easier than facing the situation at hand (i.e. the impending final in a class for which you only took seven pages of notes all semester).

How come grits taste so much better when my mom makes them when anyone else makes them?

How come food in general always tastes better when someone else prepares it?

How come I am such a terrible student?

I’m pretty sure “how come” is bad English.

Why does my dog think that everyone wants to be in physical contact with her at all times? Or maybe it is that she wants to be in physical contact and doesn’t give a damn about what you or anyone else thinks or wants. Kinda like some people I know.

Why does my ipod get stuck on a certain album when it is on shuffle – where every other song is from this one album when it is suppose to be shuffling through my whole library of 1734 songs?

I think I like friendster better then thefacebook. I think friendster works better. facebook is really, really, really slow and I think it does strange things sometimes.

What are the chances that I am going to fail my trust and estates exam tomorrow? Any bets on business crimes?

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